sock gagged stories Tied Up And Tormented By Mom Kathy walked in the front door of her house, shutting it with her foot. In her hands were several bags of groceries she walked into the kitchen and placed them on the counter top. Kathy was 40 years old but looked slightly younger and had always been a very youthful person, she now worked in an office for the state government. She no longer had a husband but a son named Ryan at the age of 16. Kathy was wearing a black pant suit with a white button up shirt on under on her feet she had black tights and black ankle length zip up boots. After having set everything down she heard a distinct groaning noise coming from the living room, at first she was somewhat concerned because she didn't know what it was, but she soon remembered which brought a large smile to her face. She took a few strides outside the kitchen into the living room and there was her son ryan, exactly where she had left him. Ryan was centered in the middle of the living room with a wooden chair positioned over him with a wooden bar connecting the legs pressing against his chest to prevent him from moving. Wound all around his torso were many lengths or rope, keeping his arms restrained to the sides of his body. The ropes continued all the way down his body, around his legs and ended at his ankles. Over his mouth was a large strip of duct tape that went from ear to ear keeping him silent. Ryan was mmphhing into his gag while looking at his mother with terrified eyes. Two weeks ago Ryan had complained to his mother that her feet smelled when she took her shoes off after work. Then one week ago Ryan had received his report card with a very disappointing science grade on it. Instead of telling his mom he decided to throw away his report card in hopes she would never find out. Ryan was not sure if it was one of these incidents the had gotten him into this situation, but he was about to find out. "Hello sweetie." Kathy said while walking over to Ryan's position. "Mpphhh!" Ryan grunted into his gag demanding he know what was going on, his mom had tied him up when he got up in the morning when he was at his most vulnerable and had then left him bound and gagged all day while she was at work so Ryan was eager to find out what was going on. "You look so confused down there," Kathy said while taking a seat on the chair Ryan was pinned under,"let me explain, earlier this week I found your report card in the trash and your science grade was very upsetting, but what was more upsetting was the fact that you didn't tell me. I was then thinking of a proper way to punish you which is when I remembered a while back when you complained about how much my feet stink after work, so now guess wht you'll be doing..." Ryan had been grumbling into the tape silencing him the whole time she was talking but after the mention of her feet he began to scream into his gag as well as squirm trying to break free. Kathy then brought her legs up and gripped her pants at the knees and pulled them up to reveal her shoes. Ryan knew these were the shoes that she wore to work every day which was scary enough, but to his horror he realized that as she removed her boots she was still wearing the same pantyhose on her feet as the day Ryan had commented on her smelly feet, they were black but you could see her feet through them except for her toes and heels where they were reinforced. They also clung to her feet with sweat for she had now been wearing them for at least two weeks now. "MMPPHH!" Ryan screamed in horror. "Ahhhh yes remember these?" Kathy asked while wiggling her toes and showing off her feet,"now let's get started shall we?" Ryan was screaming into his gag which only came out as muffled groans and shaking his head trying to avoid his mothers feet. Unfortunately he was helpless as he watched his mothers black hosed feet descending on his face. Kathy finally rested her large smelly feet onto her sons face with his nose positioned right at the base of her toes where they were the smelliest. "Mmmmmm....that feels so good after a nice long day at work, how do they smell Ryan?" Ryan meanwhile was screaming into his gag and attempting to shake his mothers feet off of his face but no matter how much he moved her feet followed. Ryan's nose was burning with the smell of her feet which smelled worse than he could have ever imagined, but no matter how much he tried to beg through his gag his mother kept her smelly feet firmly planted over his nose. Eventually Ryan's eyes began to water from the smell of her feet. "Well if you're just gonna stay there and smell my feet I'm gonna watch some tv." Says Kathy she then picked up the remote and turned on the tv she started clicking through channels as if her son wasn't tied up and gagged beneath her while smelling her feet. "Oh my god law and order," she said "I love this show, yes! They're having a marathon, ok Ryan just lay there quietly and smell my feet like a good boy at the end of the marathon we can talk, or at least I can," Kathy said chuckling at her own joke while Ryan groaned into his gag "it's only.....4 hours long" sock gagged stories How to use it? sock gagged stories "MMMPPHH!" Ryan screamed into his gag he couldn't stand smelling his mothers feet for that long. " quiet or I'm going to make you lick my feet too." Threatened Kathy Ryan moaned at the thought and then went silent while his mother watched her show. Ryan layed right there tied up and gagged under his mothers smelly feet while she watched her show, she would rub her feet back and forth over his nose as if massaging them, Ryan was blurred with the vision of her smelly pantyhosed covered toes rubbing back forth over his eyes when his vision wasn't obscured by his mothers feet he could see up her legs which were clad in her dark tights and she still had her pantsuit pulled up to her knees, he could also see her face intently watching her show and only occasionally looking down at him smiling evilly before covering his eyes with her feet again and forcing him to smell her smelly soles. Finally Ryan couldn't take any more of his mothers smelly feet he started thrashing around a bit "Mpphhh lemmmpphh mmmmm gmmmpphh!" He grumbled into his gag. Kathy looked down at him and moved her feet to the sides of his face exposing his angry face and tape covered mouth. "Really sweety? You were doing so good! You almost made it half way through the marathon, that was a good hour and a half of silent foot smelling." "Mmmpppphhh" a freaking hour and a half! Ryan had thought the four hours was just about up. "Well too bad," his mother said "now I have to punish you." Ryan started screaming into his gag as his mother got up and walked away to her room. When she returned she was carrying her favorite pair of socks they were just plain black ankle socks but according to Kathy they were the softest socks ever! And Ryan knew she wore them everywhere whether it was running, playing tennis, or just spending time with friends. They were also cotton though and absorbed sweat like a sponge, Ryan looked on in horror as his mother walked over and took her seat above him with her smelly socks. "You know I haven't washed these socks in weeks Ryan right?" "MMPPHH!" "I agree they are sweaty," Kathy said as she quickly sniffed them "oh my! And smelly too, I was thinking of putting them in the wash but why go through all that trouble when I have one right here?" Kathy said as she began petting her sons gagged lips with both sets of toes. "Mmmmmm mmnnmm!" Ryan started screaming. Kathy then quickly ripped the tape from Ryan's mouth before he could react the socks were already in his mouth and his mother was smoothing out several fresh new layers of tape over his mouth. It took until after the tape had been applied to his lips but suddenly the taste hit Ryan. His mouth was burning with the taste of his moms sweaty socks as they unfolded in his mouth. His tongue was being sautéed in weeks of his mothers foot sweat and he couldn't do anything about it, even his already muffled screams were more quiet than they had been before as Ryan thrashed around from the awful taste. Kathy looked down at her squirming son knowing all the sweat collected from her many physical activities were being sucked out of those socks and into her sons mouth she then finally said "there that will teach you to be quiet from now on, now stay quiet and be a good boy and keep smelling my feet." She said as she moved her feet from the sides of her sons head and placed them both back on Ryan's face and returned her pantyhose covered toes back over his nose "sniff my toes" she said Ryan groaned into his new sweaty sock gag as he began smelling her stinky feet again "shhh shhhh," Kathy whispered "sniff mommys smelly feet, there's only two more hours of this marathon." Ryan softly moaned at the thought of smelling his moms feet for two more hours, as he heard the tv come on again, he did not know which was worse the awful taste of the sweaty gym socks in his mouth or the raunchy smell of his mothers feet resting on his nose. Ryan remained under his mothers feet for the remainder of the marathon continuously sniffing her smelly feet which she never took off of his face the entire time. On top of that Ryan was also being forced to taste his mothers favorite sweaty black gym socks the entire time as well. After disrupting his mother the last time Ryan decided it would be better to cooperate with her and maybe he would be released quicker, so for the rest of the marathon Ryan was relatively quiet with the exception of some slight groaning when Kathy would shift her feet around on his face and bring the scent of a new smelly part of her feet to his nose. Finally when it was over Kathy removed her feet from her sons face and when she did, Ryan took in lung fulls of the first fresh air he had gotten in hours. "Well Ryan I know its only 9:30, but it was such a long day at work and honestly I'm ready for bed." Ryan just groaned because he really didn't care what happened at this point he just wanted to be let go. Luckily for Kathy her bedroom was on the same floor as the tv room, where they currently were, so if she wanted to move her son to her room she would only need to drag him across the floor, if there were stairs she would've had to either pick him up and drag him down the stairs which might hurt. Kathy got up and moved behind her son who looked up at her with curiosity she then bent over and grabbed his arms and began dragging him too her room. "Mpphh! mmnnmmm!" Ryan grunted into his gag he didn't know what was going on but he wanted to be let go. "Shhhhh....just be quiet were going to bed, but I'm still not letting you go." Kathy replied, Ryan just groaned in disappointment at the news, but soon they were in Kathy's bedroom. Kathy brought her son over to a chair in her room that was positioned right at the foot of her bed, she picked him up and put him in the chair. Using the tape she still had she strapped her son to the chair so his entire body was bound to it and he had little room to move. "Alright honey just stay here while I go change." Kathy said, then she left the room with some comfortable clothes to change into for bed. When she returned she held in her hands, the tights she had worn to work for the past two weeks, a knee high sock, her work shoes which stank to high heaven, and the remaining tape. "MPPPHHH! MMPPHH!" Ryan screamed into his gag while writhing in his seat. "What are you screaming for you don't even know what my plan is yet?" However Ryan was quite certain that he already had a pretty good idea what was going to happen. Kathy then approached him and ripped the tape from his mouth, Ryan spat out the socks in his mouth but as soon as he did his mother shoved her worn smelly sweaty pantyhose into his mouth, feet first. Ryan began thrashing as the awful taste attacked his senses and the sweat from the tights marinated his tongue. Kathy then held up the sock to her son, "Don't worry this is clean." she said and then she wrapped it around his mouth and tied it in the back of his head to keep the tights in. "Just thought I'd do this because I knew the tape was uncomfortable and I bet those socks were losing their taste weren't they?" Ryan just glared at his mother and groaned into his gag which was hardly audible with the tights and the sock gagging him. "Well it looks like you did a good job with my gym socks Ryan, you seem to have sucked most of the sweat out of them and they don't stink as bad as they used to, but now I hope you're enjoying those tights just remember I wore those to work for two whole weeks so they must be nice and tasty," Ryan started screaming into his gag thinking of all his mom's foot sweat soaking into those tights for two weeks, and now they were tightly secured in his mouth "And if you liked those, you're gonna love this...." Kathy trailed off as she picked up her stinky shoe sock gagged stories How to get it for free? sock gagged stories "MMMNNMMM!!" Ryan screamed while shaking his head, he knew these shoes would smell awful and he had already had enough of his mom's feet for one day, but despite his pleads of mercy Kathy held his head still and began wrapping the tape around his head which was securing the shoe to his face, right over his nose. Ryan had no choice but to breathe in the scent of his mother's shoes, they were pungent and musky and smelled strongly of her feet, all he could do though was grumble vehemently into his gag while he sucked on her tights and sniffed her shoe, all while Kathy watched him struggle in vein. Then Kathy climbed into bed, "I placed that chair there so I can watch you struggle around while you smell my shoe, all night but also you have a good view of the bottoms of my feet, which you'll be seeing a lot more of tomorrow so now all night long you can think about them and how smelly they'll be, but now I'm gonna sleep, goodnight and suck all the sweat out of those tights I might need them again soon." Ryan sat around screaming into his gag which only really came out as silent mumbles, thinking about what his mother just said until he finally calmed down and began sniffing the shoe quietly and sucking on the dirty tights in his mouth "Mmmmmm....." was all he managed to get out before falling asleep. sock gagged stories