simbro 2.7b apk Click five times on the 'version' label at the right upper corner to summon cheat code menu. Enter the code. Use only capital letters. Girl will hit the box if code is correct. NOKIDDING - gain +5000 to your starting money. FORGETABOUTIT - a new high-level girl to the starting crew. YOUSHALLNOTPASS - sets your security level to 100% SPONGEBOB - enable debug mode. You'll find debug panels in the 'Staff' menu and in 'Peek' scenes. They allow to check available skin colors/outfits/stockings for girls and cycle through sex scenes. Also there are options to change mood, hygiene, dignity and make an instant level up. simbro 2.7b apk PasteShr simbro 2.7b apk You can enter same codes several times to stack effects. We are going to change codes from time to time. So if your code doesn't work check this page again. simbro 2.7b apk