roblox pging Basics: PGing is guessing the password of a ROBLOX account, most likely a very old one. People do this to get a good namesnipe, own a cool 07er, or just to sell it and make money. The basic way to PG is to surf IDs to find an account you like and attempt to guess the password. The ID is a string of numbers in the link of the profile. Ex: 54591200 is the ID. Just change it to a random number to go to a different account. Things you need to know: There are 11,000 2006ers, so around ID 11000, it's only 07ers. There are around 150,000 07ers and 06ers together. And nearly 2 million 08,07, and 06ers. Don't feel discouraged. roblox pging How to dowload it? roblox pging I suggest targeting 07ers with gift hats, like this account: It means that they were possibly spam or test accounts made by people, and may have a stupid password. Just a note: All 2006ers have the 3 tetraminos, the Bluesteel Egg, and the Last Egg. This was an AwardService exploit done by someone in 2012. Most of the 07ers have the Last Egg, but not all. roblox pging How to get it? roblox pging As for guessing the password itself, I recommend trying to PG a username that might hint the password a little. If it's was a spam account, and it's name was, lets say, tommy012345678, then a possibility might be "tommy" or "tommy123". 06,07, and early 08ers DO NOT REQUIRE 2 numbers in their passwords. The maximum length for their passes are 10 characters. Once you feel like PGing a 06er spaced name, keep in mind, there is a special way to login. You can't login from the homepage or the NewLogin page. You have to click the Login Button at the top right hand corner of the page. Replace the space in the username with "%20" without quotes. It works, because if it was wrong, the username box would be colored red. And finally, an example of an account I PGed. roblox pging How to use it? roblox pging I have changed the password, but it was this previously. U:koolkid01 P:koolkid Happy hunting! roblox pging