oruscar dynasty Departing Solemnace, Trazyn made for Thanatos, crownworld of the Oruscar Dynasty and home to the wonders of the Celestial Orrery. His welcome in those halls was less than effusive – in part due to a misunderstanding over the Oruscar Glyph of Dominance, which had gone missing during a prior visit. However, after bargains were struck and promises made, Trazyn was finally permitted access to the orrery itself – if under the watchful gaze of Oruscar Lychguards. As he stepped into the whirling sphere of living metal and holographic light, Trazyn realised something was amiss. The intricate webs that formed the links of the orrery were under-lit by a crimson stain. It pulsed beneath the weave of worlds like an infection, forcing its way to the surface. Something was coming. Something that would change the shape of the galaxy. Thus far, it had gone unnoticed, but there was no hiding anything from the Celestial Orrery, for it was not merely a representation of the galaxy, but a perfect reflection of it. Trazyn realised the Oruscar had known about the rising corruption for centuries – perhaps even millennia – but had made no move to combat it. They could not, for inaction was the price of custodianship. Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia oruscar dynasty