nsmbhd Project Tape is a remaster of the classic NES game, Super Mario Bros. Grouping all 8+1 worlds (32+1 levels) of the original game into one single massive stage, Project Tape aims to recreate the nostalgia while giving players a whole new experience. The game will feature:Note: The "massive stage" is not a ripoff idea from Endless Earth. It's just there to make sure the events work properly. Therefore, the hack will have ONE level with 33 sections. The point of this hack is not "beating the level", but "beating the level while meeting all the objectives". nsmbhd How to dowload it? nsmbhd There will be three objectives, each rewarding a Star Coin: [img]https://nsmbhd.net/file/aZfObnQr0EiAD2C1/ezgif-3-f890369194.gif[/img] The time limit will be removed at a later stage of development. Screenshots & Videos: [img]https://nsmbhd.net/file/KdPjmHOFJqVW9DbF/1.png[/img] [img]https://nsmbhd.net/file/ClUdrq2TQuYL9i5W/2.png[/img] [img]https://nsmbhd.net/file/uGeIWObLbA5K3HR3/3.png[/img] [youtube]https://youtu.be/bqKXe0zrKEQ[/youtube] Current Progress: 16% nsmbhd How to get it? nsmbhd Graphics: [user=330] [user=1252] Newer Team ASM: [user=1650] [user=547] [user=510] nsmbhd How to use it? nsmbhd [user=190] [user=322] Level Design: Nintendo If I cause confusion between Project Tape and Endless Earth, I am willing to release this after Endless Earth is done. Thanks for reading! :D nsmbhd