nopixel application answers What is your defenition of roleplay? To me, roleplay is really imersing yourself into the video game. You are to act just like you would in real life, in every scenario. Wether you are running from the cops, hiding from the drug dealer you just scammed, or fighting for your life in front of EMS, you would always act like you would (or your character would) in real life! What type of characters have you roleplayed before, or do you intend to roleplay? I have roleplayed a variety of characters, from murderers, post men, garbage men, etc! I like a variety of characters. As far as my character on NoPixel GTA V, I plan to roleplay as a thug trying to earn his keep on the mean streets of Los Santos and taking names when I can. nopixel application answers How to get it? nopixel application answers Do you stream, use youtube or other social media? If so, can you tell us about it? Also, do you have any clips or video of you roleplaying elsewhere? I do not use any stream or youtubes for roleplay. Do you have a good quality microphone? Yes, of course! nopixel application answers How to dowload it? nopixel application answers When do you feel is a good time to break character? You should NEVER break character - You have to remember that there are other people that are trying to be just as immersed as you are! If you need to leave for a minute (AFK), you should hide and do so where it would not ruin anyone elses RP. If you HAVE to go out of character, you could talk in ooc chat, but that's only for very little things like tech issues or reuniting to finish roleplay! Never for in character stuff. nopixel application answers PasteShr nopixel application answers Can you please link the rules and tell us what you think is good or bad about them. The rules are very good! I think that with these rules every person on the server will have a fair chance at getting quality roleplay, without limiting people who have been roleplaying for a long time! Do you understand not following the rules may result in a permanent ban in one report? nopixel application answers How to get it? nopixel application answers Yes Do you understand acting "salty", "breaking character" or acting "immature" even when someone appears to have broken rules around you is punishable? Yes nopixel application answers How to get it for free? nopixel application answers You are robbing a store. Inside the store is the owner and a civilian. Both individuals are begging you not to rob or hurt them. How would you roleplay this situation and what actions would you take? Well, if Im robbing the store its for a good reason - Money! I would order the civilian onto his knees, where I would then hand cuff him so that he cannot run. I would also take his phone from him so he cannot get tricky and call the police! I would then point my gun at the store owner and demand all the money in the register and in the safe from him. If he complies I would let him unhandcuff the civilian and make my get away! If he refuses, I would have to tie him up as well and pick the locks myself! You are repairing your car and someone pulls up behind you with their gun drawn. They tell you to drop you stuff and handover your keys. What would you say and do in this situation? Well if someone has a gun to my head, I have to value my life. I would give them whatever they want off of me - my items, weapons, keys to my car, cellphone, etc! If they forgot or didnt take my cell phone during the robbery, I would contact police and call my car in as stolen, describing it to them. If they did take my phone, I would walk to the nearest player or shop and call 911! nopixel application answers