k3soju tier list S: Daeja, Zekes Cannoneers, Xayah A: Olaf (2-1), DM lee/nunu ***too lazy to give full list of bis augments, just go on tactics.tools, select the unit, then augments and u can see placement Daeja- easiest comp in the game Warlord/AS> Dawn > Executioner > Spellsword > Pirates(broken if daeja on stage or early stage 3) don't play electro Warlord = IE + JG + 1 (want 6 mirage asap) AS = Arc, GS + 1 (RFC, gunblade if cav frontline) (4 mirage + frontline flex, unless yasuo) Dawn = Arc + Arc + GS (need 6 mirage asap, items on daeja / nunu) Executioner = Guinsoo + Arc + 1 (4 mirage, can even play 5 mirage if u have a good +1) k3soju tier list How to get it? k3soju tier list Spellsword = Guinsoo + Shiv + 1 Can win streak early with AP items on karma/ezreal, usually get weak stage 3, but just sack 3 stage 3 and 4-1 it and roll for cavs / mirage / 1 daeja, if neeko can send it Lose streak astral opener into a 3-5 roll until stable, don't overroll, 1 daeja is stable, but if u dont hit daeja just buy some random item holders, reroll again 4-1 --> 4-2 or 4-5, (4-2 better on 6 mirage so u can fit sej + hecarim(gl finding hec) --> 4-5 roll for generic frontline jayce,hecarim, +1 = twitch, sej bard, jayce Usually cap around cav yasuo Zekes cannoneers k3soju tier list How to get it for free? k3soju tier list Super augment dependent comp, but with augments, beyond broken, Assemble exodia --> win out 3-2-->4-1-->4-5/5-1 3-5-->4-1-->4-2/4-5 Exodia pieces Zekes --> LW --> Protectors/GA/Healing Early game full open, play astral, hold rell / aphelios > senna/sej Sej holds zekes early, into senna holding zekes later 6 cannoneer final board = senna zekes sac k3soju tier list How to dowload it? k3soju tier list 4 cannoneer = a bunch of +1s, can run sej, twitch, double aphelios, rengar(2) hecarim with protectors vow beyond broken, hec 1 hec 2 no diff, also prob not finding hec 2 tricky to find early holder, Augments, stage 3 and stage 4, especially stage 3, priotize having cannoneers in b/c ricochet, cannoneer emblem, cannoneer heart = instant win CB, knive's edge, cannoneer heart, emblem, ricochet, implants, BETTER TOGETHER (TAKE THIS INSTNAT WIN), stand united, double trouble, hot shot, weakspot, double zekes cannons if possible, priroitize the upgrades Xayah, (broken with shyv, trash without) k3soju tier list How to dowload it? k3soju tier list Usually played from win streak, rarely full open, want to 3-2 or 3-5, BIS = GUINSOO + LW + 1 Guild emblem, can play xayah, gives you excuse to run zippy, but u sell for shyvana anyway, (just slam guild emblem on xayah and call it) Scorch = Runaans tempo --> 4-2/4-5 roll it down, don't hold zippy unless guild emblem, jayce 2, hec2 super important, +1's are nunu, bard, yasuo, rakan Trick for this comp, 1 bard = 1 shyvana, farm the first doot 100% of the time, and try not to roll to 0 until bard ups legendaries to 5% (shyvana broken) Shyvana bis = morello + mana/ap items (jayce frontline / ap items important as well, don't greed if u have jayce 2, just put items on him, and go for shyvana on carousel) Hecarim = protectors vow or mana items 9-10 games of aphelios, k3soju tier list How to use it? k3soju tier list 3-4 games of xayah, 5-6 games of daeja 1-2 games of 2-1 olaf or easy dmancer angle xayah = do not roll on 7, otherwise u prob shouldnt be playing xayah, hence the 3-4 games out of 20 k3soju tier list