id So here are the instructions, it should take you only 10 minutes or less: 1. After you bought the cracked acc, use PC or Mobile and login with it on 2. It should look like this 3. Scroll down and click on Other Settings 4. Then click on Playstation Systems 5. Then click on Deactivate All 6. Now go on your PS4, go to the "Settings>Login Settings>User Managment". 7. Click on Create A New User and login with the cracked acc. It will automatically activate the acc on your PS4 8. NOW comes the important part. Restart your PS4, Move again on a PC or Mobile. Go to login with the cracked acc. 9. Now is the last part, click on the Download List id How to use it? id 10. Download the games you want, once you click Download To Your PS4 it starts in few seconds. Have fun !! id