f4m cheating [Listener has just arrived home] [Very cheerfully] Hola papi! como estas? jaja te gusta cuando hablar en espanol si? [giggling] Ohhh.. sexy-sexy, right? ;) I bet you wish I had a temper, too..? [As if joking] One of those 'fiery latinas'? ... Oh.. Oh? Y..yeah..? [questioning a bit] You uh.. wouldn't mind that? Ohhh yeah it uh haha wellll I'm not mad /now/ but..[reluctant] um..[deep breath] phew um... Sooo... [pausing, closing eyes] f4m cheating How to get it? f4m cheating Ok so.. this may sound a little um.. gosh well ahem [clears throat] it mayyyy sound kind of.. fucked up? Right? but.. I want to pretend that you.. are.. talking to.. [cough] someone else. ( A, another girl, I mean ) and I'm, I'm realllly /mad/ about it, right? .... but... also I.. want to show you-- Prove to you --that I'm the best Sooo I want to.. make you cum. Yeah, like 'make' you. Shout mean things at you. Force you... [getting excited] to show you that I'm the only one for you and that stupid puta needs to stay away from my man f4m cheating How to use it? f4m cheating [Feeling a little embarassed for admitting all of that] God I'm so sorry this is.. too much. Isn't it?? :( [breathing] phewww, embarassssinnnggg.. wait ... what's that? You uh.. you /wouldn't/.. mind that? [clears throat again] well then. [perking up. surprised, pleased] [Short pause followed by immediate shouting. Her arms are waving around; if this were a real fight, picture frames would likely be about to start flying] f4m cheating How to dowload it? f4m cheating You --FUCKING-- bastard! I can't believe you! This stupid bitch was talking to you?! What is it?? Am I not good enough for you? That it? Your dick's just (mocking tone) soooo damn big that you need to have this PUTA sending you snaps of her tits? Ugh, they're not even real-- what? no, no I mean it's just that slutty bra she's wearing -- /yeah/ you can tell. And look at that makeup! The only reason she's wearing that much makeup is because she's obviously just a stupid ugly bitch and and and-- Ay que mi, en serio?! You would pick /that/ over /this/? Don't try to deny it. I know that when she sent that you probably got a fucking hardon didn't you? Well -- hey. NO. Fuuuuck NO You come here. YES. Get your fucking ass over here. NOW. [clap hands] Andale! [Growling under her breath] [firmly, matter of fact] Necesito dame tu jugo. Ahora. Chingada puto.. [sound of a zipper being undone] [movement is heard; she is giving the listener a handjob] [moaning in approval] f4m cheating How to use it? f4m cheating [speaking sweetly, seductively. Punctuated by a more threatening tone. She is being sweet and calm, but still obviously very, very angry. This is.. incredibly hot. And scary. But also very hot.] ay si si papi.. voy a hacer.. que te corras.. papi. --solo-- con mi mano. no puedes tener mi.. [smack lips] boca. ah ah ah.. [My spanish is very poor by the way; feel free to ad lib more here] [chiding, gradually more seductive..] pfft, menso.. crees que puedes.. pon eso.. pene grande.. aqui? entre de mis labos..? Chinga! Cabron! Perro! [laughing to herself] This is allll you get you little fucker. I am going to show you. That all /I/ need to use.. is my sweet hand.. to get you hard.. to jack you off.. to make you.. cum /so/ fucking hard.. I bet you want to cum, don't you? On my pretty little face? In my hair? On my tits? Ooo, you dirty fucker, you want to ruin my dress don't you? Mess up my makeup. Smear my lipstick f4m cheating How to get it? f4m cheating You want this hot red lipstick [licking lips] allll over your dick..don't you..? Callate! No puedes! Puto /sucio/! jajaja te gustaaa papi? Si si? te gusta cuando tengo esto.. boca sucia [breathing becomes faster, heavier, urging the listener on] You love it when I call you.. a 'dirty fucker'.. don't you? When I get soo mad -- and my hand starts moving faster and faster and ohhhhhh que bueno Yes yes you like that don't you! si si papi! dame lo dame lo! aqui aqui necesito tu jugo en mi boca, mi cara, todos tus blancas sucios esperma a a a !!! [still pretending to be very mad/upset] f4m cheating How to use it? f4m cheating Menso! Porque hiciste eso sucia cosa a my vestido! Mi cara! ayyy mi maquillaje esta.. [gradually start laughing, very pleased with how her fantasy played out] jajajajaja sooo... te gusta.. ..papi? .. Si si? Otra vez..? Porque necesito algo mas... f4m cheating How to get it? f4m cheating f4m cheating