f4m age [F4M] [Script Offer] Little Miss Trouble Visits Her Neighbor [Fdom][age][facesitting][condom][reluctant male][taunting] This one was produced by special assignment, but I give it to all you talented ladies of GWA. ———- (knock knock) Oh, thank god, someone’s home! I live just down the street - I lost my keys and I can’t get in. My mom and dad said I should just go wait with a neighbor until I get home. Do you mind if I come in? Oh, thank you, thank you! I’m sorry, I can’t believe I lost my keys. My parents are going to kill me. f4m age PasteShr f4m age (Go inside) Oh, wow. This is a lot of boxes! You just moved in, right? Mr...? Yeah! Thats me. Just three houses down. Yeah, it’s cool that someone finally took this place. It was empty for a long time. My parents can’t stop whining about “property values.” I guess it’s bad when a place is empty for too long. Yeah, there was a couple who lived here before, but he and his wife split up and it was a huge mess... and now it's yours! f4m age How to get it? f4m age Could I have some water? Yay! Thanks. Sorry to be a pain. So... what about you? This place is all yours? No wife or anything? Oh. That's pretty cool that you have it all to yourself. I mean, it's probably lonely, though, right? I'm pretty good at entertaining myself, too. My parents are out ALL the time. You know I knocked on like twenty doors before someone answered? f4m age How to dowload it? f4m age Well, I'm glad you did. (giggles) You're very smiley, aren't you? You're not flirting with me, are you? I wouldn't mind if you were. Just saying. Hey, don't call me "kiddo" just because I live with my parents. Besides, I think you're lying. Either I have a bug on my leg or you've just been staring for fun. It's okay. I'm not trying to make you feel bad. I just... well, can I tell you something? I kiiiiinda maaaaaybe sooooooorta knew the guy who lived here before. He looked a lot like you. And it feels good to be back in here again. f4m age How to use it? f4m age Did I...? I don't know. Do you think a "kiddo" is capable of making a man get tempted like that? Of being an older man's little girlfriend? Now I know you're lying. (laughs) Well, this might have given me a hint. (laughs) Unless you're hiding a sausage in there? No, I’m sorry. I don’t want to make you feel bad. I just want you to admit it. Admit that you want me. f4m age How to get it for free? f4m age See, was that so hard? Well...I guess it kinda is. (Giggle) I'm forward? I guess I am. I don't know... something about being in here again... with an older guy hard against my hand just makes me go crazy. Why, are you afraid of me touching you? Oh, don’t worry about that. I won't get caught this time. Do you have a room with fewer windows? Let’s go there, then. Come on. Take my hand. Just down the hall? Oh wow, you don’t even have a bed set up yet. Couch? f4m age How to get it? f4m age Yeah, lie down. I wanna do something. Good. Now...don’t move. I think you’ll like this. (Sounds of clothes rustling - maybe burlesque humming if you feel playful) And the bra... aaaaaand the panties. So. Whaddya think? f4m age How to get it for free? f4m age Oh, now I'm sexy, huh? I thought I was a "kiddo." I’m just teasing. I’m glad you like me. But now...I wanna do something my last boyfriend promised me we’d do before we got caught. Something I've never gotten to do... No no, stay there. Let me just get on here with you... You don’t mind if I ride your face, do you? Let’s find out. f4m age How to use it? f4m age (Of course, he complies) Oh god. Oh my god. Oh my fucking god. Why did I...why did I wait so long? Holy shit...yeah... God that’s good. Mm, good boy. See? I knew you’d like me. Just...keep going... Yeah. Yeah...harder...I’m so wet...(Giggles) Don’t do that. Tickles! (Giggles again) Hey! (Laughs) You do what I tell you to do. I don’t want to have to tell my parents you took advantage of little old me. (Laughs) Oh, come on. I’m not going to get you in trouble. As long as you lick me. f4m age PasteShr f4m age Oh yeaaah....yeah yeah yeah. Good...mm...ooh! (Giggles) Like when I pull your hair, huh? How do you like this? (Growl) Oh fuck yes. You drive me...crazy... You wanna make me cum? Yeah? Okay. Okay. Faster. Faster. Come on. Come on. Make me cum. Good boy. That’s it. Make me cum. Make me...m... (Improv to orgasm or just do it for real. What do I care? I’m just the writer.) (Collapse) f4m age How to use it? f4m age Ohhhh my god. Oh my god. That was good. I should have...done that a long time ago. Mmm. Your face is wet. (Laughs) Hey. (Whisper) Do you have a condom? Because I’m super wet now and I wanna see if you fuck as well as the last guy who lived here. (Laughs) Then run, silly. f4m age How to get it? f4m age (Wait for him to come back) Oh wow, aren’t you excited for someone who pretended I was too young for them a little while ago! (Laughs) Take your clothes off. Noooo, I wanna watch you. I’ll just sit here and be a naked little princess. Oooh. Look at you. (Laughs) I like. Can you flex for me? f4m age How to use it? f4m age (Giggles) I was mostly kidding. But I’m glad you did it. Hey. Come here. Gimme that thing. (Kiss) You and I are going to be good friends, Mr. Penis. (Laughs) Okay, let’s get this thing on. Just hold still. Aaaand...there. Now he’s got clothes on. (Laughs) So, you’re going to fuck me now, right? f4m age How to use it? f4m age Yeah, I knew you would. Well, don’t make me wait. I’m ready. See how wet I am? You did that. So come here. And fuck me. Ohhhhhhh...yeaaaaahhh...(drunken laugh) I missed this. There’s just something soooo relaxing about a nice dick on a cute guy. Mmm. How’s it feel? Tighter than you’re used to, huh? Check this out. I can make it tighter. Mmf...(Laughs) Like that, huh? I can do it again... (laughs) Oh, you are so cute. You know, you don’t have to go so slow just because I'm smaller. You can feel how wet I am, right? So...just fuck me. Yeah. That’s it. That’s what I wanted. That’s what I wanted. I love that look on your face. Tightest thing you’ve ever felt, huh? Is this the best pussy you’ve ever had? f4m age How to get it for free? f4m age I know. I know. Yeah. Good boy...good boy...god that’s good. I should have...(gasp) I should have lost my keys...earlier... (Growly) Yeah. Give it to me. Harder. I wanna feel you. I wanna feel just how turned on I make you. Fuck me. Fuck me. Deeper! Don't be so gentle! I want it. Yeaaaaah yeah yeah yeah, there we go. That’s what I wanted. God, yes. Come on. (Whispers) I am going to fuck you all summer. (Giggles) You gonna cum? Yeah? I’m not too young? (Giggles) Go ahead. I want it. I want your cum. Do it. Cum in me. Cum in this young little pussy. Who needs women your own age, huh? You can’t help it. You just have to... (Gasp, long pause) f4m age PasteShr f4m age Ohhhh. (Laughs) Wow. That was really, really hot. Holy shit. You came hard. Hey, pull out. Let’s see how much I made you cum. (Laughs) Damn. I guess you really wanted me, huh? This is actually heavy! Can you imagine if you let this loose without the condom on? (Giggles) Yeah, I bet you can. Hey. This was nice. I gotta go, though. My parents should be getting home soon. I’m glad I could change your mind. See, you’re not a weirdo, right? (Giggles, quick kiss) (whispers) Next time I want you to cum in my mouth. f4m age How to dowload it? f4m age Okay, byeeeeee! (Laughs) f4m age