exhentai.rog **SadPanda** How to create an account for exHentai exHentai is e-Hentai with content not available in the latter You must be logged in on e-Hentai forums in order to access exHentai ```markdown 1. Delete all cookies related to e-Hentai & exHentai 2. Register an account at https://forums.e-hentai.org/ 3. Wait 7 days 4. Delete all cookies related to e-Hentai & exHentai 5. Log in at https://forums.e-hentai.org/ 6. Directly enter https://exhentai.org/ in the address bar from the post-login page exhentai.rog How to dowload it? exhentai.rog ``` Unfortunately you do need to wait for a week, meanwhile you can try this: Replace the "ex" part of the url link with "n", eg: ```exhentai --> nhentai``` If that doesn't work then try replacing the .org with .net This works for some links, but not all exhentai.rog