dark souls 1 humanity farming DARK SOULS SOFT HUMANITY FARMING GUIDE by Skaidan Source: http://darksouls.wikidot.com/humanity-farming#toc6 In some areas, killing certain enemies before the boss is defeated will eventually reward the player with Soft Humanity. There is an invisible Humanity Meter that keeps track of enemies killed. The Humanity Meter is not reset upon dying, quitting, or resting at a bonfire. Each time a humanity is obtained, the meter's progress for the next Humanity is reset to zero. If only 1 more point is required and 10 are obtained, the extra 9 points do not contribute towards the next Humanity. **************************************** Humanity Obtained | Humanity Meter | **************************************** dark souls 1 humanity farming How to get it? dark souls 1 humanity farming 1st | 100 | 2nd | 105 | 3rd | 110 | 4th | 120 | 5th | 140 | 6th | 160 | 7th | 190 | 8th | 220 | 9th | 255 | 10th | 300 | dark souls 1 humanity farming How to get it for free? dark souls 1 humanity farming **************************************** Total: 1700 points A total of 10 Humanities can be received in each area where this method is available. Those areas are the following: - Upper Undead Burg - Undead Parish - Lower Undead Burg - The Depths - The Catacombs dark souls 1 humanity farming How to dowload it? dark souls 1 humanity farming - Blighttown - Sen's Fortress - Anor Londo - Painted World of Ariamis - Duke's Archives - Oolacile Township This means you can gain a total of 110 Soft Humanities with this mechanic. Impressive, isn't it? Well, it's actually a lot of farming. I prepared "fast" and reliable routes for each area, but that doesn't mean they are the best option, nor that they suit your preferred playstyle. The syntax used is the following: dark souls 1 humanity farming How to get it? dark souls 1 humanity farming [NAME OF THE AREA] [ENEMY] - [NUMBER OF POINTS] [EXPLANATION] UPPER UNDEAD BURG: dark souls 1 humanity farming How to use it? dark souls 1 humanity farming Hollow - 2 Armored Hollow - 3 Undead Soldier - 6 Undead Merchant - 50 We won't be killing any Hollows, since they are relatively far away from the Undead Burg bonfire and they offer the least amount of points out of all the available enemies. We will leave the Undead Merchant, too, so the focus is on Armored Hollows and Undead Soldiers. Since the latter give double the points, we will include them all in our route. This route includes: 13 Armored Hollows x 3 points each = 39 points 9 Undead Soldiers x 6 points each = 54 points dark souls 1 humanity farming How to use it? dark souls 1 humanity farming This leads to a total of 93 points per run. To get all 1700 points, we will need little more than 18 runs. Fastest way for this point in the game is to use the Battle Axe or any weapon with high Attack Rating. Two-handed running attacks with the Battle Axe work wonders for the Armored Hollows, and a kick followed by a simple two-handed hit does the same for the Undead Soldiers. Also, if you couldn't get the miracle Homeward and 18 Faith prior to start farming, make sure to keep the souls you gain and use them to get this as soon as possible. It will speed up the process by a lot and will be a key miracle for nearly all the remaining routes. So, starting at the Undead Burg bonfire, exit the room and kill the first Armored Hollow and the crossbowman Undead Soldier. Then, proceed downstairs to take care of two more Armored Hollows and two spear-wielding Soldiers. After that, go back and through the bridge to confront two axe-wielding Armored Hollows and one Undead Soldier. Sticking to the right wall, head inside the building, where we can fight another two Armored Hollows. Leave the building and continue upstairs to fight three more Armored Hollows, then use the ladder behind you to confront the three Firebomb enthusiasts. Now, go back and up the tower to fight another crossbow user, then keep going and dispatch the last four Undead Soldiers. Sometimes you will have to wait for the fourth one to come downstairs. dark souls 1 humanity farming How to get it? dark souls 1 humanity farming UNDEAD PARISH: Hollow - 1 Undead Soldier - 3 Balder Knight - 5 Heavy Knight - 10 dark souls 1 humanity farming How to get it for free? dark souls 1 humanity farming Again, the standard Hollows won't appear in our route. The ones near the Channeler may be really effective to farm if you had Wrath of the Gods, which I'm going to assume you don't. The Heavy Knight does not respawn, so we will kill all Undead Soldiers and nearly all Balder Knights. We will be skipping the one closest to Lautrec's cell. Still, get rid of the Channeler to avoid undesired situations. 12 Undead Soldiers x 3 points each = 36 points 6 Balder Knights x 5 points each = 30 points This makes a total of 96 points per run. To get all 10 Humanities, we'll need nearly 18 runs. The Drake Sword should be one of the most effective weapons at this point. To make the process easier, I'd suggest picking up the Wolf Ring in Darkroot Garden. It takes little time and effort, and will prevent you from yelling at the screen each time a Balder Knight stops your running attack. Also, you'll need good parrying skills for the three Balder Knights that wield the Rapier. They fight very defensively, but deal a lot of damage thanks to Counter Attacks, so get used to the timings. For the route itself, we start at the Undead Parish bonfire. Kill the first three Undead Soldiers and head inside the church and up the stairs to fight that lone Balder Knight. Then, turn around and kill his three companions. dark souls 1 humanity farming How to use it? dark souls 1 humanity farming Leave the parish, go left, then right to fight another Balder Knight and the fourth Undead Soldier. Proceed upstairs and kill the fifth, then follow the path sticking to the left wall to dispatch the last Balder Knight. Last, go to the bridge and do a Plunging Attack on one of the crossbowmen. Kill the other one, and the spear-wielding Undead Soldier that slowly advances towards you. Then drop down to the lower platform where the Armored Tusk was. There are four more Undead Soldiers in this area. Make sure to kill them all and Homeward out. LOWER UNDEAD BURG: Hollow - 2 dark souls 1 humanity farming How to dowload it? dark souls 1 humanity farming Undead Assassin - 3 This is where it starts to get tedious. Both enemies provide a small amount of points, and the Undead Attack Dogs offer none. Even if the area is not very pleasant, we will be killing every single enemy, save for the Hollow archer in the end. 7 Hollows x 2 points each = 14 points 8 Undead Assassins x 3 points each = 24 points That leaves us with only 38 points per run, which means we'll need to fully clean up the area a grand total of 45 times. Your best bet is to use a weapon that can one shot all three enemy types, such as the Drake Sword, or an improved Battleaxe. You'll also need a good shield. If you haven't already, I recommend picking up the Grass Crest Shield in Darkroot Basin. The increased Stamina regeneration will be very helpful. If not, you should use any 100% physical damage reduction shield, such as the Heater Shield from the Undead Merchant Male or the Tower Kite Shield from Andre. Finally, the Wolf Ring is almost needed. Also, make sure to be patient when fighting these enemies. For the dogs, you should use a block and counter strategy, instead of tanking hits. Regarding the torch Hollows, don't use running attacks so you don't get caught in their frenzy combo. Wait for them to either attack, or get close enough to your character and take advantage of your shield's deflection. A Firebomb can be used to quickly kill the last three Hollows that guard the Twin Humanities. You can purchase Firebombs to the Undead Merchant Male. Last, for the Undead Assassins you want to either block and counter, do running attacks, or even jumping attacks if they switch to the parry stance. Just keep an eye on the Bleeding meter, and don't give them your back. dark souls 1 humanity farming How to get it? dark souls 1 humanity farming We start at the Undead Burg bonfire. Run to Lower Undead Burg through the nearest shortcut, ignoring all the enemies. Once you are in the area, head downstairs and fight the first two Undead Attack Dogs. The third one shouldn't spot you, but if it does, you should wait for it before engaging the torch Hollows. Once you have killed all seven Hollows, go back and fight the third dog if you haven't already. Rotate your camera to the stairs from where you came, in case any Undead Soldiers or Armored Hollows have followed you all the way down. Head to the house in the left and do a running attack to kill the first Undead Assassin. The other two will come at you. Watch out for their throwing knives. Proceed forward, sticking to the right wall until the doors are opened. You can kill the Undead Assassin nearest to you through the wall. The second will quickly attack you, but the third one could get stuck inside the house. If this happens, kill the two remaining dogs first. Then, head inside the building and finish him off. Two more Undead Assassins are waiting for you downstairs. You can very easily kill the first one by performing a running attack as soon as he spots you. dark souls 1 humanity farming How to get it? dark souls 1 humanity farming THE DEPTHS: Hollow - 6 Butcher - 40 Probably the fastest place out of all the available. The first time you explore the area you will surely get the first Soft Humanity. From then, you'll have to rely on the Hollows you find, since the Butchers do not respawn. 11 Hollows x 6 points each = 66 points total dark souls 1 humanity farming How to get it? dark souls 1 humanity farming To get the remaining nine Humanities, a total of 24 runs are needed. A piece of cake, if you ask me. Just mind the frenzy attack from the torch Hollows, and equip both the Wolf Ring and the Rusted Iron Ring. Any weapon that one shots the Hollows and the Undead Attack Dogs is welcomed. We start at the Depths bonfire. Go through the passageway and kill the first Hollow. Run straight forward and hug the left wall to find the second one. Follow the path up to the pool area. A Hollow in your left will attempt a running attack on you. Kill him and stick to the left wall, avoiding both dogs. You'll have to fight the third one, though, since it's in your way to the top level. In this platform you'll find nearly all the remaining Hollows, using either torches or swords. Get rid of them and go to the upper platform to fully clean the area. Homeward out, rinse and repeat. CATACOMBS: dark souls 1 humanity farming How to get it? dark souls 1 humanity farming Skeleton - 2 Skeleton Wheel - 6 Necromancer - 30 The good thing is that you will already have at least one Soft Humanity farmed before starting the route, thanks to the Necromancers, which do not respawn. Since Skeletons are painful to fight and don't provide that many points, we'll focus on Skeleton Wheels, which obviously are less painful. Wait... 7 Skeleton Wheels x 6 points = 42 points total Nine Humanities are left to be farmed, so 40 runs are needed. I heavily recommend you have Combustion and a highly enough upgraded Pyromancy Flame to be able to one shot them. You can get this by speaking with Laurentius in Firelink Shrine, after you rescue him in the Depths. You should also wear the Wolf Ring so you don't get interrupted when casting. dark souls 1 humanity farming How to get it for free? dark souls 1 humanity farming We start at the second bonfire of the Catacombs, the lower one. From there, go to the bridge that Patches enjoys turning around. Your target is the broken bridge in the platform to your right, below. Either keep going forward, entering the building and then make your way down, or perform a jump. Try the jump. It will save you a lot of time, and it's not hard. Once you are in the right side of the broken bridge, as seen from above, drop down to the platform where Paladin Leeroy's summon sign is found. Go forward and drop down to the platform slightly above the ground level. Two Skeleton Wheels are waiting for you below. If you can, a Plunging Attack should be faster than Combustion. After they are done, use Combustion to defeat all the skeletons that come after you. Practice timing to avoid having to chase them. Try to kill them when they are in front of you, and in range of Combustion. If you do it right you'll receive either little damage, or even no damage at all. If you feel you have lost too much health, dodge their attacks and heal before they turn around. BLIGHTTOWN: dark souls 1 humanity farming PasteShr dark souls 1 humanity farming Cragspider - 2 Infested Barbarian - 3.34 Infested Ghoul - 1 Blowdart Sniper - 3 This area is probably the worst to farm, because it gets very repetitive. As you can see, enemies give small amounts of points, even the non-respawnable Blowdart Snipers. The Ghouls should be completely ignored, and the Infested Barbarians don't give enough points to compensate for the large amount of health they have. A Fire Estoc, for example, kills them fast, but they are relatively far away from any bonfire. So, the best bet is to fight Cragspiders. 9 Cragspiders x 2 points each = 18 points total This means we'll need to repeat the process nearly 95 times... Scary, but this route is both the most tedious one, and the simplest and most consistent. Cragspiders are very easy to one shot with most weapons, and they have no way of damaging you if you use running attacks. Wolf Ring and Rusted Iron Ring are highly recommended. No need to use any Purple Moss Clumps. dark souls 1 humanity farming PasteShr dark souls 1 humanity farming We start at the lower Blighttown bonfire, that is, the one in the Poison Swamp. Start by going right and killing the first two Cragspiders. Turn around and go around the huge column to fight the third one. Then, go near the bonfire and circle the column in front of you from the left to find the fourth one. After this, go to the wooden structure and a fifth Cragspider will drop down to the ground. Kill it and the sixth one will target you. At this point, there will be two Giant Mosquitoes doing their job: being annoying. This is where the Wolf Ring finds its usefulness. When that Cragspider is dead, go a little bit up the structure to find the seventh one. Instead of keeping going upwards, wait for the last spider to drop down below your character and perform a Plunging Attack to end the job. Now, you can either Homeward out or just run back to the bonfire. Teleporting is faster, but will cancel any summon signs you had put down. I found it entertaining to try and co-op while facing this nasty farming. SEN'S FORTRESS: dark souls 1 humanity farming How to use it? dark souls 1 humanity farming Balder Knight - 10 Heavy Knight - 20 As fun as it would be to fight those serpent beasts, we are stuck in the upper levels of the fortress, dealing with Balder Knights again. The proposed route includes all Balder Knights and the lone Heavy Knight. 4 Balder Knights x 10 points each = 40 points 1 Heavy Knight x 20 points each = 20 points 60 points are obtained in each run, which adds up to 28 iterations. A highly leveled Pyromancy Flame is recommended for the Heavy Knight and all the Balder Knights save for one, along with Great Combustion. You can acquire this by speaking with Quelaana of Izalith in Blighttown's Poison Swamp area, if you or any nearby phantom has a +10 Pyromancy Flame or higher. For the rapier-wielding Balder Knight, any weapon that can one-shot him with a riposte is fine. Killing the firebomb Giant is nearly a must. dark souls 1 humanity farming How to dowload it? dark souls 1 humanity farming We start at the only bonfire available in Sen's Fortress. Head to the start of the upper area and keep going upstairs, crossing the bridge in opposite direction to the Crestfallen Merchant. You'll arrive at an intersection. Go left and fight the first Balder Knight, the toughest one. Turn around and go upstairs to fight the crossbow user. Then, instead of going inside the building, drop down to the platform where the Heavy Knight is, and kill him. Turn around and move through the platforms until you get to the one that is first affected by the Giant's firebombs. From there, you can make a jump to the platform containing the Sniper Crossbow, then perform a Plunging Attack on the Balder Knight. Go forward and kill the last one, the one who is guarding a the Flame Stoneplate Ring. ANOR LONDO: dark souls 1 humanity farming PasteShr dark souls 1 humanity farming Painting Guardian - 6 This one is special. The tricky thing about this area is that at least one of the bosses must be alive and hostile to get Soft Humanities. Ornstein and Smough is considered the boss for Anor Londo. But, you can also get them in Dark Anor Londo, with Dark Sun Gwyndolin alive. Light Anor Londo with Gwyndolin hostile is not a valid scenario. Now, to the route itself. We'll be fighting all the Painting Guardians located in the ground level of the first huge building you enter, that is, the one with the enormous painting. 10 Painting Guardians x 6 points each = 60 points total This leads to a total of 28 runs. I recommend knocking down the chandelier first. For this, go to the upper part of the building, across the rafters, and hit the chain. This will reduce their visibility and define a better path for you to follow. There are two different strategies you can use for the route, and both benefit greatly from using either the Fog Ring or the Occult Body sorcery. This is both to prevent them from dodging your attacks and from using Throwing Knives. dark souls 1 humanity farming How to get it for free? dark souls 1 humanity farming On the one hand, you could use the good old (Great) Combustion with the Wolf Ring. The enemies will frequently hit you, but you can poise through it. Also, they tend to roll a lot, taking advantage of invincibility frames, and will eventually pull out a shield, which will prevent you from one shotting them if they block your combustion. On the other hand, and this only works if you're not in Dark Anor Londo, you can use sorcery, especifically Great Soul Arrow, to kill them from a safe distance while staying invisible. If you follow this strategy, be careful when going around the columns to avoid close quarters fights. Once you have decided, start at the Darkmoon Tomb bonfire. Go upstairs through the huge elevator and head inside the building. To the left upon entering is the first Painting Guardian. Kill him and the first group of three standing in the middle of the room. To the right of the fallen chandelier, there is one hidden guardian, and another in the previous column. Take care of both of them and dispatch the remaining group of three. Head to the left of the painting to find the last Painting Guard. PAINTED WORLD OF ARIAMIS: dark souls 1 humanity farming How to get it? dark souls 1 humanity farming Hollow - 1 Crow Demon - 10 Heavy Knight - 10 This map is actually not that boring to farm, if you have enough damage. If not, it's a nightmare. Crow Demons have a ton of health, so you will need heavy artillery to find a reliable way of following the route. We'll be ignoring the Hollows and the Heavy Knight, but we will kill most, if not all, the Crow Demons. 9 Crow Demons x 10 points each = 90 points total 19 runs are needed to get all ten Humanities. For starters, we'll need the usual upgraded Pyromancy Flame with Great Combustion, but also Soul Spear. You can get several copies of this sorcery, but I will base the route on the thought that you only have the one copy that Logan sells at Firelink Shrine. Goes without saying, use the catalyst with higher magic adjustment and, if that equals Tin Crystallization or Manus Catalyst, then attune more than one copy to have enough uses. Crown Dusk and Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring are good complements. Do not use the Fog Ring. dark souls 1 humanity farming How to dowload it? dark souls 1 humanity farming You should be able to one shot the Crow Demons with Soul Spear, and two shot them with Great Combustion. If you only have one copy of those spells, attune a copy of Combustion, as well as the Homeward miracle. Of course, you can use a melee weapon too, if it has enough Attack Rating. Starting at the only bonfire available, go upstairs through the Annex door, ignoring the Hollows. Don't go after the torch Engorged Zombie you see at the distance. Instead, go left, upstairs, and consider killing the flamethrower with Combustion. Turn around and you'll see two Crow Demons. Get rid of them with Soul Spear before they can react. Approach the center of the platform and two more will land. Defeat them with the remaining sorceries. You can perform a collateral shot if you position yourself correctly. Circle the central building and enter it. The fifth Crow Demon will rush at you, probably falling off. Use any sorceries you have left, or change to Great Combustion. Keep going upstairs to fight the last two of them. If any of them fell down and didn't die, it's worth it to look for them and finish them off. dark souls 1 humanity farming How to use it? dark souls 1 humanity farming DUKE'S ARCHIVES: Undead Crystal Soldier - 2 When you leave the prison area, the first crystal soldier you kill will award you with the first Soft Humanity. Nine more to go. 19 Undead Crystal Soldiers x 2 points each = 38 points total A lot of enemies to kill in the required 45 runs. Combustion and Great Combustion are the way to go. Remember that you can get two copies of Combustion, one from Laurentius and the other one from Quelaana. Wolf Ring is required. dark souls 1 humanity farming How to get it? dark souls 1 humanity farming Starting from 32 uses of Combustion, I mean, from the second Duke's Archives bonfire, ignore the archer that's already shooting at you, and kill the first two Undead Crystal Soldiers. Once you pass the first set of stairs, a third one will ambush you from the right. Go left, then right. A fourth soldier is in your way. Tell him why he shouldn't whilst you dodge the arrows coming from behind. Go forward, to the room where the first Channeler is found. Dodge one more arrow from behind and ignore the soldier next to you. Instead, stick to the left wall and kill the two soldiers in the balcony. Turn around and kill the one that's following you. Go left and defeat another two soldiers. Nine already! Ten more to go. Go downstairs, then upstairs to kill the first archer, then the other two. Kill the Channeler and rush your way to where the first archer of the area is. Dispatch him and find yourself surrounded by four more soldiers. Roast them and explore the room to kill the last two. OOLACILE TOWNSHIP: dark souls 1 humanity farming PasteShr dark souls 1 humanity farming Bloathead - 3 Bloathead Sorcerer - 6 Let's be honest, Bloatheads are nasty, especially the Sorcerers. Well, bad news for you, because the route cleans nearly the whole map. 23 Bloatheads x 3 points each = 69 points 8 Bloathead Sorcerers x 6 points each = 48 points This makes a total of 117 points, which means cleaning 90% of the map 15 times. Surprisingly, Wolf Ring is recommended, as well as Combustion and Great Combustion. We will also use Soul Spear against some Sorcerers. You should be able to one-shot the Bloatheads with one Combustion, so attune two uses of this pyromancy. Use a shield with decent Stability and good Magic Damage Reduction, like the Crest Shield. Despite having a shield, try to dodge the sorceries instead of blocking them, especially Dark Bead. dark souls 1 humanity farming How to dowload it? dark souls 1 humanity farming Starting from the Oolacile Township bonfire, go downstairs and kill the lone Bloathead. Four more are waiting for you in the platform below. Aim for double kills if possible. Ignore the elevator and kill the next two Bloatheads. Keep going downstairs and rush the Sorcerer, then the other enthusiast. In the covered part of the platform there's another Bloathead. Drop down to a wooden structure, then drop right, then left, enter the building and kill the Sorcerer before he has time to attack you. Now we get to a delicate moment of the route, so pull out Soul Spear. Start going downstairs and kill the Sorcerer in front of you as soon as you can lock on to it. Change to Combustion and drop down below to kill the other Sorcerer. Go upstairs twice and leave the building for the path you would take to get the Silver Pendant. Make a jump to the building containing a Crystal Lizard and go downstairs to fight two more Bloatheads. Don't advance too much, since you want to fight these two without the Sorcerer noticing you. Cross the bridge, dodging the sorceries and kill the dangerous fellow. Now it's time to fight the Frenzied versions of Bloatheads and Bloathead Sorcerers. They are more aggressive and deal more damage. Kill the first one, then stick to the right wall to find the second. Approach the corpse containing Rubbish and, instead of waiting for the Bloathead to drop down and attack you, go downstairs and make a jump to your left, landing next to the Bloathead and the Sorcerer. Defeat them and move forward to pull two more Bloatheads. Fight them whilst keeping an eye on your back, since the Bloathead we left alive is probably near. If he doesn't come at this point, skip him. Stick to the left wall and watch out for the Sorcerer aiming at you. Dodge everything and leave the building to get out of range. Turn around and kill the three Bloatheads that were chasing you. Now, to the bridge of death. Stick to the right part of the bridge, and quickly kill the first Bloathead. The other two will come after you. Use the columns to avoid the Sorcerers, then pull out your Soul Spears and one shot them both. End of the story. dark souls 1 humanity farming PasteShr dark souls 1 humanity farming dark souls 1 humanity farming