cote y2v7 Only Dialogues no Text (Thanks Trollcity) [[TL Note: alright, so before I start Live TL of Yagami scene, here's a little context: I haven't read the stuff that came before so I don't know why exactly she was suspicious, but Horikita is trying to find some incriminating evidence on Yagami in the student council room]] ------------------------- I felt the vibration of my smartphone in my pocket. When I saw the name of the caller, I could feel my heart leap out of my chest. Takuya Yagami. Why is he calling me now at this kind of timing? Even though I felt like it was an incredibly scary coincidence, I answered his call. cote y2v7 PasteShr cote y2v7 "Hello?" (Hori) "Horikita-senpai" (Yagami) [[TL note: Okay just a bit more before we go full dialogue]] Even though I should be hearing Yagami's voice over the phone, I could instead hear him directly, albeit from a slight distance away. The number one person who I currently didn't want to meet, smiled and waves his hand at me. My entire body shivered as if I had been doused by a bucket of cold water. cote y2v7 How to use it? cote y2v7 "Did I surprise you?" (Yagami) "Yagami-kun, why are you here?" (Hori) "Why... you ask? Are you curious as to why I called you on the phone even though I was nearby?" (Yagami) "By the way, senpai. What are you doing in such a deserted place? Isn't this the crucial climax of the cultural festival?" (Yagami) "It was time for my break so my job is already over. I just wanted to be by myself for a bit." (Hori) cote y2v7 How to get it? cote y2v7 "You're taking a break at 3 in the afternoon? That's quite a rare schedule you chose, if I do say so myself." (Yagami) (Hori ponders whether it is rare but then she realizes she fell into Yagami's trap as he's observing her reaction.) "Yagami-kun, why are you here?" (Hori) "I saw Horikita-senpai with a grim expression on her face so I was curious and followed you." (Yagami) "Since when? I don't care what reason you have, stalking after a girl isn't something praiseworthy." (Hori) cote y2v7 How to get it for free? cote y2v7 "I tried calling out to you but it seems you couldn't hear me over the clamour around you." (Yagami) [[TL Note: Ah so this whole thing is based on Hori's suspicion that Yagami wrote the message in the Y2 island exam]] "On the other hand, are you fine with jigging out of your cultural festival duties?" (Hori) "I'm the same as you. I've already finished everything I needed to do. I'm not on a break, but I do have free time right now. After all, there's no rule saying I can't take a break for longer than an hour." (Yagami) "Did you have something to do in the Student Council Room? Since it was locked, I don't think there's anyone here?" (Yagami) cote y2v7 How to get it for free? cote y2v7 "There's something I wanted to look for. I borrowed the key from the staff room, so there aren't any issues." (Hori) "Looking for something, huh? In that case, I'll help you look for it." (Yagami) "It's not something important enough to trouble you over it." (Hori) "You're especially taking out time in the middle of the cultural festival to look for it. There's no way it isn't important." (Yagami) "It's a notebook. I bought it a while ago but I'm troubled since I can't find it. It's wearing down on my mind when I think of the risk of someone finding it and reading it. I'd already given up on it once, but I couldn't get it off my mind. Pretty much the only place I haven't looked is the student council room." (Hori) cote y2v7 How to dowload it? cote y2v7 "In that case, I'll help you look for it. Now's the best time since I'll be busy again once the cultural festival is over. It's twice as efficient if two people look for it instead of one, right?" (Yagami) "R-Right." (Hori) (Yagami tries to come into the student council room but Horikita stops him) "Horikita-senpai?" (Yagami) "Do we really need two people just to look for something in the student council room. I wonder if you have some kind of other motive." (Hori) cote y2v7 How to get it? cote y2v7 "Eh?" (Yagami) "To tell the truth, the reason I refused your help was because I felt a little scared." (Hori) "You were... scared of me? Why?" (Yagami) "You don't realise?" (Hori) "There's nothing that comes to mind." (Yagami) cote y2v7 How to get it for free? cote y2v7 "An empty student council room. You said you called out to me, but I didn't hear a thing. In such a situation where it seems like you were stalking me, you've followed me all the way to a place where the two of us are now alone. Do you realise what this means to a girl?" (Hori) "I-I see. Sorry, I didn't think of that at all... I get it now..." (Yagami) "I'm sorry. It's true that my actions were in the wrong." (Yagami) "However, I'm sorry if I offend you, but can I just say one thing? (Yagami) "What?" (Hori) cote y2v7 How to use it? cote y2v7 "Horikita-senpai's real purpose in coming to the student council room was-" (Yagami) "I caught you!" (Mio) "W-Wait, Ibuki-san!?" (Hori) "Stop spacing out and let me in already, Horikita-san! It'll be bad if we're seen!" (Mio) "W-What are you doing...?" (Yagami) cote y2v7 How to get it? cote y2v7 "Horikita, you were once again saved by me." (Mio) "...You say you saved me but I don't recall you doing-" (Hori) "Didn't I tell you to be on the highest alert for this guy? And then this guy tried to act all bullish with you. It's clear that there's something going on." (Mio) "Umm, what do you mean when you said you told her to be on alert to me?" (Yagami) "...I apologise for the violent way things ended up turning out. But there was something about you that I was curious about. Do you remember when you showed me the meeting minutes you took?" (Hori) cote y2v7 How to dowload it? cote y2v7 "If I recall, it was about the remarks made by Student Council President Nagumo, right?" (Yagami) "Yes. I wanted to take another look at the characters you wrote back then." (Hori) "Characters? I don't really get it, but am I correct in understanding that you're looking for the notebook of meeting minutes?" (Yagami) "You say you want to take another look at the characters I wrote, but what's your true intention?" (Yagami) ---------- [[TL Comment: give me some time to read ahead and figure out exactly how long until Yagami actually gets exposed cote y2v7 How to dowload it? cote y2v7 holy, Ibuki was holding him in that position for 2 pages]] ---------- "Unfortunately, I don't have any basis for it. But it's not that simple for me to take your words at face value." (Hori) "Could you at least show me the sheet of paper you're comparing it to? That would allow us to compare whether my handwriting in the meeting minutes is similar, and hence I should be able to prove my innocence." (Yagami) "Unfortunately, that's now impossible. I ran into a little bit of trouble and lost that sheet of paper." (Hori) [[TL NOTE: Ichika tore it up when they fought each other]] cote y2v7 How to get it for free? cote y2v7 "That's a bit of a problem. Doesn't that mean I can't prove my innocence?" (Yagami) "That's why for the time being, I just wanted to take another look at the meeting minutes." (Hori) "Even if you were to have a look at it, there's no guarantee you correctly remember the sheet of paper in your memory, is there? In fact, right now Horikita-senpai is heavily suspecting me. That means there's a decent chance bias will cloud your memory into thinking I'm the culprit. No matter how you look at it, these aren't fair conditions for me." (Yagami) "...That's true." (Hori) "It's rather surprising that you're suspecting me, but for the time being, can you set me free? Neither of you are acting in a very praiseworthy manner. Why kind of excuses do you intend to make if Student Council President Nagumo comes across such a scene?" (Yagami) cote y2v7 How to use it? cote y2v7 "Ibuki-san, can you set him free?" (Hori) "Sorry, but I can't afford to do that." (Mio)) "Why?" (Hori) "My instincts are telling me that a seemingly harmless guy like you is most dangerous." (Mio) (Hori thinks that this is something she learnt from facing Ayanokouji) cote y2v7 PasteShr cote y2v7 "Do you have some other basis for thinking that way?" (Hori) "Even though at first glance, he looks like someone I'd be able to send flying, my instincts are screaming danger. There's no way this guy is some run of the mill student." (Mio) "The message that was sent to me looked very similar to Yagami-kun's handwriting. On top of that, you hide your actual physical strength. If we then consider the fact that you showed up at this place then..." (Hori) "It's true that I don't shy away from training body and I do have a certain degree of confidence in my abilities but..." (Yagami) "At this point, you can't blame me for getting a little angry, right? This kangaroo court is a bit too impartial." (Yagami) cote y2v7 How to dowload it? cote y2v7 (Nagumo opens the door and comes in) "Whoa, this is quite an unusual situation." (Nagumo) "President, why are you here..." (Hori) "More importantly, what's going on here?" (Nagumo) "It'd be a big problem if the two of you were teaming up to bully a junior." (Nagumo) cote y2v7 How to get it? cote y2v7 "I'm saved. Thank you, President Nagumo." (Yagami) "Now then, can you please explain what you were doing here without permission?" (Nagumo) "Horikita-senpai lost her notebook and I offered to help her find it. Ibuki-senpai seems to have mistakenly thought I was assaulting Horikita-senpai so she those actions earlier out of a sense of justice." (Yagami) "I see. Is that the reason you're being restrained?" (Nagumo) "I think we've resolved the misunderstanding by now, and I don't intend on raising a fuss about this." (Yagami) cote y2v7 How to use it? cote y2v7 "In that case, it seems like further actions will be unnecessary. So did you end up finding that notebook?" (Nagumo) "No, we couldn't find it in the end. This was the last place I hadn't looked but... It might have been mistaken for rubbish and been thrown away. I'll give up on looking for it." (Hori) "Well, putting aside your reasons, this isn't the kind of thing you should be doing during the cultural festival. Hurry up and disperse." (Nagumo) "That being said, President Nagumo, why did you know we were here?" (Yagami) cote y2v7 PasteShr cote y2v7 "Are you curious?" (Nagumo) "You should've thought the door to the student council room would be locked. I was wondering why you didn't hesitate at all to turn the knob and waltz into the room." (Yagami) [[TL NOTE: since this part is relevant, I'll translate the non-dialogue]] He does have a point. I don't know if the Student Council President has a spare key, but he should've at least tried to use it before opening the door. It was unnatural how he opened the door as if he knew it'd be unlocked. It's as if he knew all along that someone would be here... Were President Nagumo and Yagami-kun planning on meeting in this room? In that case, I can understand the words that Yagami said as if he expected the president to come. But- Based on their interaction, the two of them didn't appear to be in sync. cote y2v7 How to get it for free? cote y2v7 "I can answer that question, but first, there's something I'd like to ask you, Yagami." (Nagumo) "Me?" (Yagami) "Do you remember what we talked about last time in the Student Council room? About there being rumours that I was spending a large amount of money to try to expel certain select students." (Nagumo) "Of course. I did a lot of digging around myself but I couldn't find the source of the rumours." (Yagami) "You actually do know, don't you? The source of those rumours." (Nagumo) cote y2v7 How to use it? cote y2v7 "...What do you mean?" (Yagami) "I'm saying that I was wondering if you were actually the source of the rumours yourself." (Nagumo) (Nagumo shows his irritation and kicks the bottom of his desk) "Please wait. What is this all about? Why would you think I'd do something like that?" (Yagami) "No shit I'd suspect you. We're talking about the first graders' special exam to expel a specific student with a very large bounty. You were one of the few participants." (Nagumo) cote y2v7 How to use it? cote y2v7 "President Nagumo, what on earth are you talking about?" (Hori) "I denied it back then, but what I'm saying is, part of it was true." (Nagumo) "So you really did something like that...?" (Hori) "But it doesn't mean I broke any rules. I was just following the school's policy. As Student Council President, I just served as a witness together with Acting Director Tsukishiro to ensure the fairness and integrity of the competition." (Nagumo) "Wasn't there a rule that you couldn't speak about that special exam or its participants?" (Yagami) cote y2v7 How to get it? cote y2v7 "You were the first to break that rule, right?" (Nagumo) "It wasn't me. There's nothing in it for me to harass President Nagumo like this. And besides, weren't there also several other first graders participating?" (Yagami) "That's true. But for some reason, you decided to show up here. I think that's fairly self-explanatory." (Nagumo) "It's just a coincidence." (Yagami) "You two, go back to your classes. From here on, I'll be talking to Yagami." (Nagumo) cote y2v7 How to get it for free? cote y2v7 "I wasn't aware of this case until now, but please give me permission to speak." (Hori) "Horikita-senpai, what are you planning on saying?" (Yagami) "Go on. Speak." (Nagumo) "I don't know if he was the one spreading the rumours of that special exam. But I can not help but think it was not a coincidence that he showed up here at this instant. Yagami-kun was following after me. Right now, I even have a strong hunch that he might have been closely guarding this student council room." (Hori) "That's what Suzune is saying." (Nagumo) cote y2v7 PasteShr cote y2v7 "I see... I get it now... The two of you were teaming up against me from the very beginning. From the very moment you handed me that letter disguised as a love letter, you'd already decided to corner me here, didn't you?" (Yagami) "Letter that was disguised as a... love letter?" (Hori) "Are you talking about this?" (Nagumo) The letter which President Nagumo took out of his pocket, was the love letter which I'd received from Ichihashi-san. Wait, but what does he mean by letter disguised as a love letter? "I have no idea what you're talking about. There isn't even a name on it. It's just a love letter with feelings for me written on it." (Nagumo) cote y2v7 PasteShr cote y2v7 "You're wrong. At first glance, that certainly is just a simple love letter, but it has written on it. There are other important keywords scattered everywhere on it such as or or . Am I wrong?" (Yagami) "Where the hell is this stuff you speak of written? You've lost me here..." (Nagumo) (Nagumo passes the love letter to Horikita to read) "Excuse me." (Hori) (Hori can't find shit either. She passed it to Ibuki. Ibuki doesn't understand what Yagami is on either.) cote y2v7 How to dowload it? cote y2v7 "Stop monkeying around already. If you decode the anagram, you'll easily be able to arrive at the truth." (Yagami) [[TL NOTE: I'm not joking btw, the jap directly translates to 'monkey play']] "What is an... anagram?" (Mio) Putting aside Ibuki-san who didn't even know what an anagram was, was there really some hidden code in this letter? "You seem to be quite the smart one, Yagami. Neither I nor Suzune seem to be able to immediately decode this anagram?" (Nagumo) [[TL NOTE: Idk how well I got this across but he was being sarcastic]] cote y2v7 How to use it? cote y2v7 "It wasn't written by either of you? Or was it written by one of your mutual acquaintances?" (Yagami) "...No, I guess neither of you would know. Just please believe me. I followed the message in that anagram and arrived in this place." (Yagami) "I couldn't care less about this so-called anagram. Why are you naturally acting like it's normal for you to know the contents of this love letter? Doesn't this mean you read it before passing it to me?" (Nagumo) "That was just an accident. When I dropped the letter, the seal came undone and the contents slipped out. Even I knew that it wasn't right for me to read it, but I just happened to catch a passing glimpse of it." (Yagami) "For a member of the student council, I have to say your actions were rather unethical." (Nagumo) cote y2v7 How to use it? cote y2v7 [[TL NOTE: For context, Horikita thinks about the fact it has an anonymous sender]] "This kind of thing is normally a prank, so isn't it normal to check the contents in advance? It seems like I've been caught in a trap." (Yagami) "Even if I denied that, it doesn't look like you'd be willing to believe me." (Hori) I felt a strange incongruency in our conversation. I couldn't help but feel that the world I was seeing, the world Yagami-kun was seeing and the world President Nagumo was seeing were all slightly different. At times it felt like we understood each other whilst at other times it didn't. It felt just like there was something stuck in the gaps between my teeth. cote y2v7 How to dowload it? cote y2v7 [[TL NOTE: Blah blah, skip]] Yagami-kun looked alternatingly at me and Nagumo-kun before softly chuckling. "Isn't it about time we compare our answers? But I'm sure everyone already understands what's going on, yes?" (Yagami) "Horikita-senpai, you were shown the meeting minutes and was reminded of that paper from the uninhabited island exam which made you think I was the culprit. And then by handing a letter disguised as a love letter to President Nagumo, I was also subtly given a message of my own." (Yagami) "Why'd you have to go through such a troublesome process? You could've just called me using your phone." (Yagami) cote y2v7 PasteShr cote y2v7 "Is it because you didn't want to leave behind evidence that you were suspecting me? Using this letter disguised as a love letter, there's any number of escape paths you can prepare. And then finally, you wanted me here at the same time Horikita-senpai was loooking for the meeting minutes. The reason was you wanted to confirm whether I was the person Horikita-senpai was looking for." (Yagami) "Uninhabited island? Meeting minutes? The person Suzune was looking for? What are you smoking?" (Nagumo) "Are you going to continue acting out this facade, President Nagumo? Surely both you and Horikita-senpai have realised by now that you were acting according to the will of a certain person. It was all according to the will of the person who wrote the anagram in this letter, Ayanokouji-senpai, right? Man, what a nasty personality. You didn't have to go so far as to show Horikita-senpai the meeting minutes." (Yagami) "...Why are you mentioning Ayanokouji-kun?" (Hori) cote y2v7 How to get it for free? cote y2v7 "He really does things in such a roundabout manner. I knew that he didn't like to be in the public eye, but I didn't think he'd make contact with me in this manner." (Yagami) He laughed, clearly in a jovial mood. Yagami-kun's attitude had clearly changed from how it had been until now. "So? What's going to happen now? Is it finally time for my confrontation with Ayanokouji-senpai?" (Yagami) Yagami-kun watched the entrance to the room with the anticipation of a child standing in front of a brand new toy. "I'm getting impatient now. Before he arrives, can you tell me how he found out about me? I especially want to hear from you, Horikita-senpai." (Yagami) cote y2v7 How to dowload it? cote y2v7 "Wait. I genuinely have no idea what's going on. I did suspect you were the one who came to my tent and dropped me a letter, but Ibuki-san is the only one I told that to." (Hori) Even if I told him the truth, it didn't look like Yagami-kun believed me. "Explain it to me as well in a way so I can understand, Yagami." (Nagumo) "Pfft. Even I'm getting tired of this charade, President Nagumo. Due to receiving the letter, you came here planning to meet with Horikita-senpai and Ayanokouji-senpai. As well as with the intention of talking to me. He probably thought it was dangerous to meet me alone. Yep, that was a wise decision." (Yagami) "I feel bad for saying this when you're getting all worked up by yourself, Yagami, but I'll tell you the reason I came to the student council room." (Nagumo) cote y2v7 How to use it? cote y2v7 President Nagumo talk out his mobile phone and showed us the screen. There was a phone number on the screen, indicating that someone was calling. "It seems like he's arrived. Come in." (Nagumo) "Ahaha! As I expected, Ayanokouji-senpai has arrived! I'm so happy!" (Yagami) While laughing loudly, Yagami spread open both arms as if to welcome the opening of the door. "I'm coming in." (Ryuuen) cote y2v7 How to get it for free? cote y2v7 Together with those words, the person who entered the room was someone who I could never have expected. The first person to react was not I nor President Nagumo, or even Yagami-kun, but instead Ibuki-san. "Huh? Ryuuen? What are you doing here?" (Mio) "Hey, you're looking pretty good in that outfit, Ibuki. Right, Kinoshita?" (Ryuuen) "It really does. It's looks rather cute on a midget." (Kinoshita) "Huh? Wait, Komiya? Even Kinoshita is here...!?" (Mio) cote y2v7 How to get it? cote y2v7 (Sakagami-sensei and Mashima-sensei arrive too) "...The heck's going on here?" (Yagami) "I came to the Student Council Room to talk with Ryuuen and co. Isn't that right?" (Nagumo) "Ah yeah, that was the plan but were you in the middle of something?" (Ryuuen) Yagami-kun was looking at them with a grim expression on his face as if he didn't understand the current sequence of events. President Nagumo stood up and pressed the letter in his hands against Yagami's chest. cote y2v7 How to dowload it? cote y2v7 "I don't know about some anagram disguised as a love letter, or something about meeting minutes or vague stuff like that, Yagami." (Nagumo) "...There's no way that's true. But, what exactly is..." (Yagami) While Yagami was still confused, Ryuuen walked up to him and pointed his finger. "This is the shithead you guys were talking about, right?" (Ryuuen) (Komiya and Kinoshita nervously nod) cote y2v7 How to use it? cote y2v7 "Yes. There's no mistake." (Komiya) "Yep. He's the one." (Kinoshita) "Looks like I'm going to have to have a nice, long conversation with you." (Ryuuen while grinning) "W-What are you talking about?" (Yagami) (Ryuuen grabs his hair while laughing) cote y2v7 How to dowload it? cote y2v7 "Ryuuen!" (Mashima) "What was your name again?" (Ryuuen) "...Yagami. My name's Yagami Takuya, Ryuuen-senpai." (Yagami) "I see. So you're called Yagami, huh? You're the culprit who took good care of Komiya and Kinoshita, aren't you?" (Ryuuen) "Wha-? I have no idea what you're talking about." (Yagami) cote y2v7 How to use it? cote y2v7 "You can't fool me. Komiya and Kinoshita suddenly got back their memories the other day. The reason they got seriously injured in the uninhabited island exam was because you violently pushed them" (Ryuuen) "What, me? The hell are you talking about?" (Yagami) "Those guys lost their memories due to the shock of the incident but they recovered those memories once they were patched back up." (Ryuuen) "This was something that was brought up yesterday. Today, we had plans for discussions between me, Ryuuen, Komiya and Kinoshita. Just the four of us.... So, why are the teachers here?" (Nagumo) "I call them so we could save some time. After all, Sakagami was the teacher who rushed over back when he heard these two got injured." (Ryuuen) cote y2v7 How to dowload it? cote y2v7 "Speaking of Yagami-kun, if I recall correctly... Mashima-sensei?" (Sakagami) "Yes. I don't want to doubt one of the students but... I can't deny the possibility." (Mashima) "W-What are you saying? I didn't do anything!" (Yagami) "Yagami. On that day when these two people's watches' rang out alarms, I remember you're watch's GPS signal wasn't functioning. There were numerous students' whose watches broke during the special exam, but there were only two including you who could have made contact with Komiya and Kinoshita at the time of their incident. Of course, back then, neither Komiya nor Kinoshita were able to name a culprit. As a result, we had no choice but to treat it as an accident." (Mashima) "They had no memory of the incident at the time and yet now both of them suddenly remembered me as the culprit? That's impossible! It's obvious that the two of them are just matching their stories to try to frame me as the culprit!" (Yagami) cote y2v7 How to dowload it? cote y2v7 "Match their stories? It's a fact that the ordinary students don't know that your watch was broken at that time." (Mashima) Over 400 people were taking the exam on the uninhabited island. Only 2 people had broken watches at the time when Komiya and Kinoshita got injured. It's certainly pushing it to call this a coincidence. "The two of them remembered the culprit. What's your basis for doubting that, Yagami. Come on, tell me." (Ryuuen) (Ryuuen pulls Yagami's hair) "Kuh...! T-That's-" (Yagami) cote y2v7 How to use it? cote y2v7 "There's no way anyone could have seen me because I covered all my traces perfectly. That's what you're thinking, right?" (Ryuuen) "P-Please wait! I didn't do anything! Do you really think I could do something so barbaric?" (Yagami) "I've learned my lesson in the past that the most harmless looking type of guy is the most troublesome to deal with. Isn't that right, Ibuki?" (Ryuuen) "I have no doubt this guy is strong. To the point that I believe he'd be able to injure Komiya and Kinoshita without them noticing." (Mio) "Originally, for the sake of revenge, I'd inflict the same or even greater wounds on you, but unfortunately, we're in front of teachers right now. I'll let you off lightly. After all, I know that none other than expulsion is waiting for you after this." (Ryuuen) cote y2v7 How to dowload it? cote y2v7 When Ryuuen-kun let go of his grip on Yagami-kun's hair, Yagami-kun hunched over with an ashen look on his face. "So? What are you doing here, Suzune?" (Ryuuen) "I was... I was also looking into something regarding Yagami-kun." (Hori) "Huh? The heck's that?" (Ryuuen) Now that it had come to this point, I had no choice but to spill the beans. I told them that thanks to the events of the uninhabited island exam, I was looking for a student who had neat handwriting. I remembered it being similar to Yagami-kun's handwriting, so I came here to check the meeting minutes to confirm my suspicions. cote y2v7 How to dowload it? cote y2v7 "Those written characters in my memory are almost exactly the same as Yagami-kun's handwriting." (Hori) "Can you please explain what's going on here, Yagami?" (Nagumo) President Nagumo still wasn't completely aware of all the details, but he decided to pose that question to Yagami anyway. It's almost certain that some kind of strange phenomenon was happening here. Although all of us had some kind of business with Yagami-kun, none of us had the decisive evidence necessary. None of us could become the all-important key to solving this case. cote y2v7 PasteShr cote y2v7 Is this... really possible? If everything started from that single love letter... And taking into account that I'd hand it over to Yagami-kun, that Yagami-kun would peek at the contents...? On top of that, calculating that he'd be able to solve the anagram and would take the bait... But I don't think they could've possibly foreseen that doubts would spring to mind after I saw Yagami-kun's meeting minutes... -No, I supposed that was probably unrelated. cote y2v7 PasteShr cote y2v7 I'm an unrelated party. Ibuki-san who accompanied me is also unrelated. Even if I or Ibuki-san weren't here, nobody would be able to stop this flow. Yagami-kun who was called here by a letter would still have ended up being questioned by President Nagumo. [[Insert Hori thinking of Ayano:]] But is such a thing really possible? And even if it was, who could pull it off? When and where? cote y2v7 PasteShr cote y2v7 No... There's no need to ask myself these questions. There would be nothing strange if Ayanokouji-kun was the one moving behind the scenes. Ryuuen-kun and Komiya-kun who showed up here unnaturally. And then the teachers as well. It was all for the sake of casting a net surrounding Yagami-kun from all directions. "Kuku, even I can't help but be surprised. You've played around with fire too much." (Ryuuen) Ryuuen laughed as if he had come to the same conclusion as me. cote y2v7 PasteShr cote y2v7 "Why... Why did something so ridiculous..." (Yagami) "I don't know the details but it's clear that you got snared in someone's trap." (Ryuuen) "I still haven't... I still haven't had my fight with him... No, it hasn't even started yet! You're telling me it's all going to end here? That's ridiculous...!" (Yagami) "Is he saying he doesn't even need to take care of me himself? Hah... Hah... Fck off, don't mess with me!" (Yagami) "You're being noisy. If you want to buzz like a fly, go do it elsewhere." (Ryuuen) [[TL NOTE: I admit I took some translating liberties here]] cote y2v7 How to get it for free? cote y2v7 Ryuuen irritatingly muttered as he stuck a finger into his right ear. "Fine. Right now, I'm going to go kill that guy with my own hands. That should bring me back to the place where I belong. And then I'm going to bring him back with me." (Yagami) Despite there being two teachers here, he acted as if they didn't matter at all. He showed a clear change in attitude and expressed his rage. Just as he was about to aggressively take a step towards Ryuuen-kun, Ibuki-san leaped forwards and tried to kick Yagami-kun from behind. Without even looking back, Yagami-kun judged the distance and slammed his elbow into her abdomen. cote y2v7 PasteShr cote y2v7 "Guh-!" (Mio) She only took one hit. But Ibuki-san collapsed on the spot and was unable to get back up. "Stop it, Yagami!" (Mashima) The teachers rushed forward to try to stop Yagami-kun, but Ryuuen-kun stopped them. "Don't interfere. This guy is full of spirit. In which case, it's only right if I take him on!" (Ryuuen) cote y2v7 PasteShr cote y2v7 Ryuuen-kun bared his fists without caring that we were currently in the Student Council Room. "There's no way fodder like you guys can stop me. Listen up. I won't hold back against anyone who stands before me now. I don't care if you're a girl or a teacher. If you don't want to end up like Komiya, then shut up and stand aside." (Yagami) "Kuku. So that's your true nature. That's quite interesting, don't ya' think?" (Ryuuen) Ryuuen-kun took a step forward and lightheartedly spread open both arms as if to provoke him. "I'll happily take you on so come at me." (Ryuuen) cote y2v7 How to get it? cote y2v7 "Don't get cocky when you're just a shitty delinquent..." (Yagami) [[TL NOTE: very long Hori monologue that I'm gonna skip]] "Stop it Yagami. You too, Ryuuen. If you start a fight here, there'll be very severe penalties." (Mashima) "My expulsion is already 100% unavoidable. In which case, there's no reason for me to stop is there, Mashima?" (Yagami) Yagami stopped caring about appearances and even dropped the -sensei. cote y2v7 PasteShr cote y2v7 Nevertheless, Mashima-sensei acted out his role as a teacher and got in-between Ryuuen-kun and Yagami-kun. "Get lost." (Yagami) Even though there should have been an overwhelming wall of difference between their physiques, he didn't pay that any heed and first kicked Mashima-sensei before punching him in the face after his knees buckled. Having witnessed that from close-by, Sakagami-sensei hurriedly scurried away in fear. Just as Ryuuen-kun, who had gotten excited at the complete degeneration into a brawl, was about to jump at Yagami-kun... cote y2v7 How to use it? cote y2v7 "Let's stop this already, Takuya." (Ichika) The door to the student council room opened and Amasawa-san appeared with red puffy eyes. "Huh? What are you doing here... Since when have you been here...?" (Yagami) In a situation where it didn't seem like anybody's words would reach him, Yagami-kun stopped moving. "What would you even accomplish by continuing your tantrum here? Do you think that would help you get acknowledged? It's... over already." (Ichika) cote y2v7 How to get it? cote y2v7 "That's not true! Our teachers are waiting for me! I will... I will become the best!" (Yagami) [[TL NOTE:I wonder who are the teachers he's referring to. I can at least infer that they aren't the teachers from this school.]] "Today I was thinking of exposing that guy's past and having a fun fun climax to the cultural festival but now everything's messed up..." (Yagami) "Takuya... So it's true... That was what you were planning on doing..." (Ichika) "Get lost. I'll make Ayanokouji regret this. I'll mess him up so badly he won't even be able to laugh." (Yagami) "If you insist on going to Ayanokouji-senpai no matter what, I'll stop you before you get there." (Ichika) cote y2v7 How to get it? cote y2v7 "You? You've never even won against me once. Don't make me laugh." (Yagami) "I might not became to win against you in pure strength... But I'll try to do everything I can." (Ichika) "I knew you were biased towards Ayanokouji, but I didn't know you were such an idiot." (Yagami) "It's just because I realised. The frog at the bottom of the well doesn't know the vastness of the sea. It really is just as the phrase goes." (Ichika) "In that case, die. There's no point in you being alive." (Yagami) cote y2v7 How to use it? cote y2v7 Just as Amasawa-san was bracing herself, we heard multiple footsteps from the other side of the door. [[TL Note: The end of this scene is too cringe and I refuse to translate it.]] ----------------------------- Ending Remarks: wait the ending is so cheesy okay so ending of this cringe is just as Yagami was about to murder Ichika, 5 adults show up and Yagami suddenly starts quivering like a child who got caught doing something bad by his parents. The 5 adults take Yagami and Ichika away and say they're responsible for them and Mashima etc. just let them go like that]] ------------------------- The END cote y2v7