booty vore DAMARA: Yo~*She cooed with a snicker* You want face be seat of mine for while?~ TG: um *dave blinked for a second. that IS a pretty fantastic ass* i mean yeah i guess DAMARA: *She snickered, giving her hips a shake* Lay the fuck down~ *She giggled* TG: *man no need to be rude about it, hes glad to lay down and all but jesus damara* alright bring it on big girl DAMARA: *She cackled happily at him and then sat her squishy grey ass onto his face!~* TG: mmph~ *he exclaimed, feeling that big, fat ass coming down all at once, and loving every second of it* booty vore How to dowload it? booty vore DAMARA: *She kept pushing down on him, she felt peculiarly soft and even for her size her ass seemed to be covering a worrying amount of his head..* TG: *with a muffled grunt, he pushed at her a bit, worried that he wouldnt be able to breathe soon. she had a big ass, but it wasnt THAT big.* DAMARA: *She kept pushing, her warmth seemed very...pulling, like it was encroaching onto him.* Get in~ *She cackled* TG: mmphhp! *he began to struggle, thoroughly scared and confused by this experience, but it seemed as if the more he struggled, the more he was pulled* DAMARA: *She gave another cruel laugh, eagerly jostling her hips to ease him in..By then his whole head had been absorbed in!* booty vore How to dowload it? booty vore TG: *slowly, it dawned on him what was happening: he was being swallowed by damaras ass. making it his current mission to make that not happen, he brought his hands up to the tight, warm pucker and attempted to pull himself out, only causing his hands to become stuck in as well.* DAMARA: *She gave another mocking noise, beginning to sit herself more firmly onto the hands. She kept humping bestially* You want hands stuck in so soon? Be patient! Whole self will be in soon!~*She eagerly giggled as he disappeared steadily into her rear.* TG: *he wasnt willing to accept this fate, so he began to struggle even harder, doing the best he could to at least fight against this encroaching asshole* DAMARA: *but it didn't do anything! His whole arms and the first half of his chest were absorbed* You're going to be more jiggly ass-fat~ TG: ((dave used splash)) booty vore How to get it for free? booty vore DAMARA: ((Yes.)) TG: *hearing this made him try to struggle even more, making use of his lower half and attempting to stand up or something, anything to get out of his hot, musky hell* DAMARA: *Before long he felt his cock being absorbed into her, grinding over the tight contours of her inner walls* So good~*She whined happily* TG: *as his cock got pulled in, he couldnt help but moan, feeling this girls fantastic ass against him, and be it air deprivation or a hidden kink, he started to get aroused* DAMARA: *But just as he might have thought that..he was in, head-to-toe he was in and he was being absorbed into her ass-flesh* Enjoy new life~ booty vore How to use it? booty vore TG: *even as he started to absorb into damara, giving her an even fatter ass than before, all he could do was love it, love the feeling of being eaten up by this ass queen* DAMARA: She gave a slap to her new grown booty. "Three." She said, three people made up that enormous ass of hers...Meenah, Dave and Kankri...She wondered, who next? booty vore