autotrimps // ==UserScript== // @name AutoTrimpsV2 // @version // @updateURL // @description Automate all the trimps! // @author zininzinin, spindrjr, belaith, ishakaru, genBTC, Unihedron, coderPatsy // @include ** // @include * // @grant none // ==/UserScript== var ATversion = ' + KFrowde-28-3-18'; autotrimps How to use it? autotrimps //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Main Loader Initialize Function (loads first, load everything else)/////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// var atscript = document.getElementById('AutoTrimps-script') , basepath = '' , modulepath = 'modules/' ; //This should redirect the script to wherever its being mirrored from. autotrimps PasteShr autotrimps if (atscript !== null) { basepath = atscript.src.replace(/AutoTrimps2\.js$/, ''); } //This could potentially do something one day. like: read localhost url from tampermonkey. // AKA do certain things when matched on a certain url. //Script can be loaded like this: ATscriptLoad(modulepath, 'utils.js'); function ATscriptLoad(pathname, modulename) { if (modulename == null) debug("Wrong Syntax. Script could not be loaded. Try ATscriptLoad(modulepath, 'example.js'); "); var script = document.createElement('script'); autotrimps How to get it? autotrimps script.src = basepath + pathname + modulename; = modulename + '_MODULE'; //script.setAttribute('crossorigin',"use-credentials"); //script.setAttribute('crossorigin',"anonymous"); document.head.appendChild(script); } //Scripts can be unloaded like this: ATscriptUnload('scryer'); function ATscriptUnload(id) { var $link = document.getElementById(id + '.js_MODULE'); if (!$link) return; autotrimps How to dowload it? autotrimps document.head.removeChild($link); debug("Removing " + id + "_MODULE","other"); } ATscriptLoad(modulepath, 'utils.js'); //Load stuff needed to load other stuff: //This starts up after 2.5 seconds. function initializeAutoTrimps() { loadPageVariables(); //get autoTrimpSettings ATscriptLoad("",'SettingsGUI.js'); //populate Settings GUI ATscriptLoad("",'Graphs.js'); //populate Graphs autotrimps How to get it for free? autotrimps //Load modules: ATmoduleList = ['query', 'portal', 'upgrades', 'heirlooms', 'buildings', 'jobs', 'equipment', 'gather', 'stance', 'battlecalc', 'maps', 'breedtimer', 'dynprestige', 'fight', 'scryer', 'magmite', 'other', 'import-export', 'client-server', 'perks', /* 'perky', */ 'fight-info', 'performance']; for (var m in ATmoduleList) { ATscriptLoad(modulepath, ATmoduleList[m] + '.js'); } // debug('AutoTrimps v' + ATversion + ' Loaded!', '*spinner3'); } var changelogList = []; autotrimps How to use it? autotrimps //changelogList.push({date: " ", version: " ", description: "", isNew: true}); //TEMPLATE //changelogList.push({date: "3/25", version: "v2.1.7.0", description: "", isNew: true}); changelogList.push({date: "3/23", version: "v2.1.6.9", description: "Game's Map at Zone can be used with AT now, to run maps forever. AutoMaps setting was combined with RunUniqueMaps (variable has changed from boolean false,true to a value 0,1,2). Settings file has been migrated as such. New: Map SpecialMod is sort of working, at least. Geneticist Infinity bugfix. New AGU Settings for 60% Void (fixed). Many Graphs fixes. AutoMaps changes. Equipment Cap, see README at GitHub DarkTheme fix. Scientists Fix. Zek450 Perks Preset Changed. Ongoing Development...", isNew: true}); changelogList.push({date: "3/22", version: "v2.1.6.8", description: "Settings GUI, make better. Import/export improved. Graph buttons: Cycle Up/Down. Internal code fixes. New Graph: Nurseries", isNew: false}); changelogList.push({date: "3/24", version: "v2.1.6.5-stable", description: "Set up Stable Repository for the faint of heart.", isNew: true}); //changelogList.push({date: "3/20", version: "v2.1.6.7", description: "Entirely Re-Arranged Settings Layout. Enjoy! New: Display Tab: EnhanceGrid + Go AFK Mode. GUI: Pinned AT Tab menu bar to top when scrolling. Minimize/Maxi/Close Buttons. ShowChangeLog Button. New Graph: FluffyXP&Xp/Hr (starts@300)", isNew: false}); //changelogList.push({date: "3/13", version: "v2.1.6.6", description: "Geneticist management changes. Equipment code improvements. ATscriptLoad improvements. attempt to track errors.", isNew: false}); //changelogList.push({date: "3/7", version: "v2.1.6.5", description: "Save/Reload Profiles in Import/Export. Magmamancer graph. Magmite/Magma Spam disableable.", isNew: false}); function assembleChangelog(date,version,description,isNew) { autotrimps How to get it for free? autotrimps return (isNew) ? (`${date} ${version} New: ${description}
`) : (`${date} ${version} ${description}
`); } function printChangelog() { var body=""; for (var i in changelogList) { var $item = changelogList[i]; var result = assembleChangelog($,$item.version,$item.description,$item.isNew); body+=result; autotrimps PasteShr autotrimps }; var footer = 'Ongoing Development - Report any bugs/problems please!\
Talk with the dev: genr8_#8163 @ AutoTrimps Discord Channel\
SeeReadMe Or check the commit history (if you want).' , action = 'cancelTooltip()' , title = 'Script Update Notice
' + ATversion , acceptBtnText = "Thank you for playing AutoTrimps. Accept and Continue." , hideCancel = true; tooltip('confirm', null, 'update', body+footer, action, title, acceptBtnText, null, hideCancel); autotrimps How to get it? autotrimps } function printLowerLevelPlayerNotice() { tooltip('confirm', null, 'update', 'The fact that it works at all is misleading new players into thinking its perfect. Its not. If your highest zone is under z60, you have not unlocked the stats required, and have not experienced the full meta with its various paradigm shifts. If you are just starting, my advice is to play along naturally and use AutoTrimps as a tool, not a crutch. Play with the settings as if it was the game, Dont expect to go unattended, if AT chooses wrong, and make the RIGHT choice yourself. Additionally, its not coded to run one-time challenges for you, only repeatable ones for helium. During this part of the game, content is king - automating literally removes the fun of the game. If you find that many flaws in the automation exist for you, level up. Keep in mind the challenge of maintaining the code is that it has to work for everyone. AT cant see the future and doesnt run simulations, it exists only in the present moment. Post any suggestions on how it can be better, or volunteer to adapt the code, or produce some sort of low-level player guide with what youve learned.
Happy scripting! -genBTC','cancelTooltip()', 'LowLevelPlayer Notes:
PSA: AutoTrimps was not designed for new/low-level players.', "I understand I am on my own and I Accept and Continue.", null, true); } //////////////////////////////////////// //Main DELAY Loop/////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// //Magic Numbers var runInterval = 100; //How often to loop through logic autotrimps How to dowload it? autotrimps var startupDelay = 2500; //How long to wait for everything to load //Start Loops setTimeout(delayStart, startupDelay); function delayStart() { initializeAutoTrimps(); printChangelog(); setTimeout(delayStartAgain, startupDelay); } function delayStartAgain(){ autotrimps How to get it? autotrimps if (game.achievements.zones.finished < 8) //z60 printLowerLevelPlayerNotice(); //Set some game ars after we load. = true; = true; //Actually Start mainLoop and guiLoop setInterval(mainLoop, runInterval); setInterval(guiLoop, runInterval*10); if (autoTrimpSettings.PrestigeBackup !== undefined && autoTrimpSettings.PrestigeBackup.selected != "") document.getElementById('Prestige').value = autoTrimpSettings.PrestigeBackup.selected; autotrimps How to dowload it? autotrimps if (document.getElementById('Prestige').value === "") document.getElementById('Prestige').value = "Off"; } //////////////////////////////////////// //Global Main vars ///////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// var ATrunning = true; //status var autotrimps How to dowload it? autotrimps var ATmessageLogTabVisible = true; //show an AutoTrimps tab after Story/Loot/Unlocks/Combat message Log Container var enableDebug = true; //Spam console.log with debug info var autoTrimpSettings = {}; var MODULES = {}; var MODULESdefault = {}; var ATMODULES = {}; var ATmoduleList = []; var bestBuilding; autotrimps How to get it for free? autotrimps var scienceNeeded; var breedFire = false; var shouldFarm = false; var enoughDamage = true; var enoughHealth = true; var baseDamage = 0; var baseBlock = 0; var baseHealth = 0; autotrimps How to get it? autotrimps var preBuyAmt; var preBuyFiring; var preBuyTooltip; var preBuymaxSplit; var currentworld = 0; var lastrunworld = 0; var aWholeNewWorld = false; var needGymystic = true; //used in setScienceNeeded, buildings.js, equipment.js autotrimps How to dowload it? autotrimps var heirloomFlag = false; var heirloomCache =; var magmiteSpenderChanged = false; //////////////////////////////////////// //Main LOGIC Loop/////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// function mainLoop() { if (ATrunning == false) return; autotrimps How to get it? autotrimps if(getPageSetting('PauseScript') || || return; ATrunning = true; if( != 1) toggleSetting("showFullBreed"); //more detail addbreedTimerInsideText.innerHTML = parseFloat( + 's'; //add hidden next group breed timer; addToolTipToArmyCount(); //Add hidden tooltip for army count (SettingsGUI.js @ end) //Heirloom: if (mainCleanup() // Z1 new world || portalWindowOpen // in the portal screen (for manual portallers) || (!heirloomsShown && heirloomFlag) // closed heirlooms screen || (heirloomCache != { // inventory size changed (a drop appeared) autotrimps PasteShr autotrimps // also pre-portal: portal.js:111 if (getPageSetting('AutoHeirlooms2')) autoHeirlooms2(); //"Auto Heirlooms 2" (heirlooms.js) else if (getPageSetting('AutoHeirlooms')) autoHeirlooms();//"Auto Heirlooms" (") if (getPageSetting('AutoUpgradeHeirlooms') && !heirloomsShown) autoNull(); //"Auto Upgrade Heirlooms" (heirlooms.js) heirloomCache =; } heirloomFlag = heirloomsShown; //Stuff to do Every new Zone if (aWholeNewWorld) { autotrimps How to dowload it? autotrimps // Auto-close dialogues. switch (document.getElementById('tipTitle').innerHTML) { case 'The Improbability': // Breaking the Planet case 'Corruption': // Corruption / True Corruption case 'Spire': // Spire case 'The Magma': // Magma cancelTooltip(); } if (getPageSetting('AutoEggs')) easterEggClicked(); autotrimps How to use it? autotrimps setTitle(); // Set the browser title } setScienceNeeded(); //determine how much science is needed //EXECUTE CORE LOGIC if (getPageSetting('ExitSpireCell') >0) exitSpireCell(); //"Exit Spire After Cell" (other.js) if (getPageSetting('WorkerRatios')) workerRatios(); //"Auto Worker Ratios" (jobs.js) if (getPageSetting('BuyUpgrades')) buyUpgrades(); //"Buy Upgrades" (upgrades.js) var agu = getPageSetting('AutoGoldenUpgrades'); if (agu && agu!='Off') autoGoldenUpgradesAT(agu); //"Golden Upgrades" (other.js) autotrimps How to use it? autotrimps if (getPageSetting('BuyStorage')) buyStorage(); //"Buy Storage" (buildings.js) if (getPageSetting('BuyBuildings')) buyBuildings(); //"Buy Buildings" (buildings.js) if (getPageSetting('BuyJobs')) buyJobs(); //"Buy Jobs" (jobs.js) if (getPageSetting('ManualGather2')<=2) manualLabor(); //"Auto Gather/Build" (gather.js) else if (getPageSetting('ManualGather2')==3) manualLabor2(); //"Auto Gather/Build #2" (") getPageSetting('AutoMaps') > 0 ? autoMap() : updateAutoMapsStatus(); //"Auto Maps" (automaps.js) if (getPageSetting('GeneticistTimer') >= 0) autoBreedTimer(); //"Geneticist Timer" / "Auto Breed Timer" (autobreedtimer.js) if (autoTrimpSettings.AutoPortal.selected != "Off") autoPortal(); //"Auto Portal" (hidden until level 40) (portal.js) if (getPageSetting('TrapTrimps') && && == false) toggleAutoTrap(); //"Trap Trimps" if (aWholeNewWorld && getPageSetting('AutoRoboTrimp')) autoRoboTrimp(); //"AutoRoboTrimp" (other.js) autotrimps PasteShr autotrimps if (aWholeNewWorld && getPageSetting('FinishC2')>0 && finishChallengeSquared(); // "Finish Challenge2" (other.js) autoLevelEquipment(); //"Buy Armor", "Buy Armor Upgrades", "Buy Weapons", "Buy Weapons Upgrades" (equipment.js) if (getPageSetting('UseScryerStance')) useScryerStance(); //"Use Scryer Stance" (scryer.js) else if (getPageSetting('AutoStance')<=1) autoStance(); //"Auto Stance" (autostance.js) else if (getPageSetting('AutoStance')==2) autoStance2(); //"Auto Stance #2" (") if (getPageSetting('UseAutoGen')) autoGenerator(); //"Auto Generator ON" (magmite.js) ATselectAutoFight(); // pick the right version of Fight/AutoFight/BetterAutoFight/BAF2 (fight.js) var forcePrecZ = (getPageSetting('ForcePresZ')<0) || ( && forcePrecZ) prestigeChanging2(); //"Dynamic Prestige" (dynprestige.js) else autoTrimpSettings.Prestige.selected = document.getElementById('Prestige').value; //just make sure the UI setting and the internal setting are aligned. autotrimps How to use it? autotrimps if (getPageSetting('AutoMagmiteSpender2')==2 && !magmiteSpenderChanged) autoMagmiteSpender(); //Auto Magmite Spender (magmite.js) if (getPageSetting('AutoNatureTokens')) autoNatureTokens(); //Nature (other.js) // //Runs any user provided scripts, see line 253 below if (userscriptOn) userscripts(); // //rinse, repeat, done return; } autotrimps How to dowload it? autotrimps //GUI Updates happen on this thread, every 1000ms function guiLoop() { updateCustomButtons(); MODULESdefault = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(MODULES)); //Store the diff of our custom MODULES vars in the localStorage bin. safeSetItems('storedMODULES', JSON.stringify(compareModuleVars())); //Swiffy UI/Display tab if(getPageSetting('EnhanceGrids')) MODULES["fightinfo"].Update(); if(typeof MODULES !== 'undefined' && typeof MODULES["performance"] !== 'undefined' && MODULES["performance"].isAFK) autotrimps How to get it? autotrimps MODULES["performance"].UpdateAFKOverlay(); } //reset stuff that may not have gotten cleaned up on portal function mainCleanup() { lastrunworld = currentworld; currentworld =; aWholeNewWorld = lastrunworld != currentworld; //run once per portal: if (currentworld == 1 && aWholeNewWorld) { autotrimps PasteShr autotrimps lastHeliumZone = 0; zonePostpone = 0; //for the dummies like me who always forget to turn automaps back on after portaling if(getPageSetting('AutoMaps')==1 && !game.upgrades.Battle.done && getPageSetting('AutoMaps') == 0) settingChanged("AutoMaps"); return true; // Do other things } } // Userscript loader. write your own! autotrimps How to use it? autotrimps //Copy and paste this function named userscripts() into the JS Dev console. (F12) var userscriptOn = true; //controls the looping of userscripts and can be self-disabled var globalvar0,globalvar1,globalvar2,globalvar3,globalvar4,globalvar5,globalvar6,globalvar7,globalvar8,globalvar9; //left blank intentionally. the user will provide this. blank global vars are included as an example function userscripts() { //insert code here: } //test. autotrimps How to get it for free? autotrimps function throwErrorfromMain() { throw new Error("We have successfully read the thrown error message out of the main file"); } autotrimps