Whatever's gone down typically the drain, including the thirty-nine various other pupils who gave their bodies, “Aaah! ” to help the title of out associated with knife, “my biceps and triceps, the breast, my rear :. knife” (Bald Voz, 74), the Professor as well appears to be anticipating particular psychophysical effects of singing behavior of which, by way of technique of punk, funk, plus heavy metal, are nowadays commonplace on MTV, when on often the theoretical levels he seems to be outdoing Roland Barthes about “the hemp of the tone, ” through which, when thoughts genuinely speak—that materialization regarding words by way associated with the body, their fleshiness or maybe tactility—what you hear is “the tongue, the particular glottis, the teeth, the mucous membranes, the nose, ” whose meaning is a good seduction from which “signifiance explodes, ” erotically whole lot more and other than words, bringing into performance “not typically the soul although jouissance. ”9 It's feasible, way too, to help see the Professor's singing lesson not only through the difficult ? unhelpful ? awkward ? obstructive ? uncooperative options of his mind, although around the terms utilized by Foucault writing of Deleuze, his theater of phantasms, which usually functions in the limits associated with bodies, but against body, very, sticking to all of them, yet sticking it directly to them as well, cutting these individuals open and multiplying their very own materials, as a web-site of metaph