The Red Sea is shrouded in thriller from its unique therapeutic properties to the carnival of colourful marine life that beautify its waters. New islands formed in the Red Sea as lately as 2011 and 2013, named Sholan and Jadid respectively. Volcanic eruptions alongside the Zubair Archipelago proceed to change the panorama of this intriguing body of water. The Red Sea is roughly 35% saltier than most other seas, which supplies it unique well being advantages. Later, after the profitable growth of the coast by Greek colonists, the sea was renamed "Hospitable Sea." Are normally seen in shallow water, chewing coral rock and defecating coral sand. They have massive fused front tooth which are used to scrape corals and rock floor to allow them to eat algae rising there. The most blatant fish on a wall or reef; huge clouds of them flit in regards to the surroundings like so many butterflies. Feeding on tiny plankton, they begin grownup life as females. Outdoor Activities In Hurghada Stingrays range in measurement from these having a wingspan of a couple of foot, such because the reef, or blue spotted stingray to the eagle ray, which grows to 4 feet or extra. All have a number of venomous spines near the bottom of their tail that are used for protection when they are cornered or frightened. The sting is extremely painful and temporarily debilitating. However, these docile creatures never attack; they normally swim away when disturbed. The saline concentration is believed to improve b