NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) -- Before Tarek Mentouri was initially known in Nashville as a massage counselor underneath criminal arrest investigation for unacceptable lovemaking behavior towards buyers in addition to job seekers, MTV visitors knew him because Issac, a man unveiled on the show “Catfish” for pretending to turn out to be someone they wasn’t. The particular popular TV show includes hosts tracking down individuals who imagine to be someone they are not really, usually in romantic circumstances with others, and providing together often the victim plus the “catfish. ” Inside the 2015 episode, Mentouri admitted to convincing a woman he had disseminated with online that he seemed to be anyone else, sending the a good fake image. “You don’t think there are everything wrong with misleading persons? ” asked often the woman identified as Courtney. “No, My spouse and i did not know what to think, I did not feel comfortable at first of all. I got caught, ” Mentouri claimed. ” This particular was dishonest and i also possess to apologize. ” Within the episode, Mentouri talks regarding coaching to turn out to be some sort of masseuse. “I’m working in a massage therapy license. I have got a portable table I’ve used for yrs on a lot of buddies, ” Mentouri said. News4 Investigates has reported of which fifteen women in Center Tennessee have come forwards claiming Mentouri exhibited inappropriate sexual habits during massage therapy and employment interviews. Mentouri repeatedly instruc