Visibility is generally good at this website, permitting you to have a clear take a look at nearly half of the whole wreck from the stern. Watch out for a few pufferfish hanging around the stern space, as if patrolling the divers' descent. After spending jiffy around the stern, you possibly can begin transferring around the wreck preserving it on your proper shoulder, descending to a depth between 25-30m (contemplating the no-deco limits). Carless Reef consists of a plateau pushing up from the Abyss and featuring 2 giant pinnacles. Normally the dive will start on the stern where it's attainable to penetrate and carefully fin by way of under the grid-like beams of the main deck. The mild could also be restricted right here so it is price bringing your torch for illuminating the occasional the occasional nudibranch, however especially the ball of glassfish you possibly can usually find behind the engine room. When ending your dive you'd be well advised to deploy a surface marker buoy and be careful for the zodiacs and daytrips boats whizzing round picking up their punters. To discover the bow of the ship you'll swim past the bridge, passenger saloon, to the winch area. Shag Rock is simply 15 minutes motoring time south west of the Thistlegorm and is a part of the Red Sea reef system often known as Sha'ab Ali. It gets its name from the cormorants that generally perch on the reef's mild bea