Literature Review on Goal-Directedness


Literature Review on Goal-Directedness
Homesick for Naples (1895), painting by Bertha Worms

Homesickness is the distress caused by being away from home.[1] Its cognitive hallmark is preoccupying thoughts of home and attachment objects.[2] Sufferers typically report a combination of depressive and anxious symptoms, withdrawn behavior and difficulty focusing on topics unrelated to home.[3][4][5] Homesickness can be seen in children and adults.[6] The affected person may be taking a short trip to a nearby place, such as summer camp, or the person may be taking a long trip or have moved to a different country.[6]

In its mild form, homesickness prompts the development of coping skills and motivates healthy attachment behaviors, such as renewing contact with loved ones.[7] Indeed, nearly all people miss something about home when they are away, making homesickness a nearly universal experience.[8] However, intense homesickness can be painful and debilitating.[9][10]

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